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1200 Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight

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Quick Overview

The 1200 Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight packs a powerful punch considering its size! Using the CREE XM-L2 LED lamp along with a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium battery, this flashlight puts out Twelve hundred blinding lumens of light! Add it to your Go-Bag or simply use it as your EDC flashlight!  With its zoom capability, you can easily pinpoint the beam where you need it! At 50 feet this flashlight can zoom from a 30 feet beam down to a 6 feet beam. Extending the innovative lens narrows the blaze of light over 1,500 feet!  It has a blinding strobe setting for defense-disorientation and an SOS setting signaling. The curved cowling provides an additional edge if needed.

The 1200 Lumens LED Zoomable Flashlight is all the flashlight you will need, right in your hand!

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Question: Is it good for camping and night hiking?

Answer: Yes, this light would be excellent for camping, hiking, night fishing, hunting or any activity that requires a bright light.

Question: This can use standard AAA batteries, correct?

Answer: That is correct, 3 AAA batteries.

Question: Can it do strobe? I need a flashlight with strobe mode.

Answer: Yes, it does strobe and SOS. The button on the rear turns it off and off when pressed all the way in. To change modes, you press it in half way. 

Question: Is this flashlight waterproof?

Answer: Yes, fine in the rain but you cannot submerge it in water.

Question: What is the run time on a full charge?

Answer: My wife uses it for her job as a "Food Safety Auditor". She uses it on high beam and says a full charge lasts about 4 hours.

Question: How long do you charge batteries to make them functional.

Answer: It will take about 2 hours to fully charge the battery.

Question: Is there a manual, user guide with directions?

Answer: No, it’s self-explanatory, for the most part.
1. Insert a charged battery.
2. Screw it back together.
3. The push switch on the small end.
4. With the light on, adjust the focus by twisting the head.
5. Charge the battery when it starts getting dim.

Question: Can I clip it to my hardhat?

Answer: It doesn't come with a clip to mount on a hardhat. Maybe with a hard hat clip.
Here is a link to a Hard Hat clip I believe will work: https://www.zoro.com/pmi-adjustable-stainless-steel-helmet-clip-14818/i/G4187145/feature-product?gclid=Cj0KCQjwq7XMBRCDARIsAKVI5QZWNvyx_v56xZrFnqn4LbI87mwaSXgMPlMmJ-pedv8-4Mo1jbSLQ8UaAocjEALw_wcB

Question: Does the flashlight come with a rechargeable battery?

Answer: Includes one 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery, battery charger, and wrist strap.

Question: What material is this flashlight made from?

Answer: Made of high quality aircraft grade aluminum very strong, you can use it as a self-defense baton.

Question: How bright and how narrow and wide can you adjust this light?

Answer: Twelve hundred lumens of blinding intensity, easily zoomable to pinpoint the beam where you need it! At 50 feet, this flashlight can zoom from 30 feet beam down to a 6 feet beam. New innovative lens simply extends to narrow the blaze of light over 1,500 feet! It has a blinding strobe setting for defense-disorientation and an SOS setting signaling.

Question: Does this product come with the 'AAA' battery holder?

Answer: Comes with a AAA battery holder and a rechargeable battery.

Question: If I have it on High and I turn it off and then back on 30 seconds later will it still be on high or will it turn on to medium?

Answer: Well, I just tried it out. I turned it on, and it came on in the high position. I turned it off, waited for a few seconds, turned it back on and it was still on high. So, I think that answers your question. Also, it is a very bright light. I am very impressed by it.

Question: Does the charger light turn green?

Answer: Light on the charger goes green when fully charged.

Question: Is it actually 1200 lumens?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: Are the batteries fully charged when it arrives? also how long is the charge time and the life time on high?

Answer: The batteries will need to be charged, they are partially charged when it arrives. I use it around the house and to walk the dog at night. Battery life is unbelievable. Best and brightest flash light I have ever owned!

Question: Will this battery charger work on 220v power supply?

Answer: YES, this battery charger work AC100-240V.

Question: Can this flashlight start paper on fire at close range?

Answer: Not at all. It's an LED. It emits very little heat.

Question: What are the dimensions of the actual flashlight?

Answer: The flashlight is 5 3/8" in length when fully retracted (zoomed out), 6 1/8" in length when fully extended (zoomed in). The flashlight bezel/head is 1 3/8" in width and the body/tail piece is 1 1/8" in width.

Question: Can you use this with 26650 batteries and is this a white light or does it have a little bit of blue hue to it?

Answer: This flashlight does not fit 26650 batteries because the body of the flashlight is too small.


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