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Welcome to Fortify 4 Life!

About Us

Why Did I Start www.fortify4life.com?

 I have a wife and four children and for the past 42 years, I have worked as a machinist. Don't get me wrong I have loved being a machinist but I desired and needed change. Retirement is not an option because my wife and I, from very early on, wanted our children to get college degrees. Obviously,  the need to pay college tuition for 4 children is not conducive to retirement. During the last two years I looked into franchises and other businesses to own or buy. Nothing appealed to me. Let me take you back a few years... it was in 2012 that a crazed madman walked into a movie theater and started shooting people for no good reason. I always cared about protecting my family but this incident made me look at that protection differently! I was upset and mad like everyone else and I decided to do something about it! I trained and got a concealed carry license. However, I realized that there would be times when being armed was not legal or appropriate. Still, I wanted to always be prepared. You know where this is headed, yes, right here! www.fortify4life.com has hundreds of NON-LETHAL products to help keep you safe! Protect you and your family and always be prepared.


 We Are Pleased You're Here


Welcome to fortify4life.com, so glad you could make it! We are dedicated to selling self-defense and home security products so you can keep yourself, your home, and your family safe. We’re bringing to you over 500 different products, including stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray and more! But first, we’d like to show you around.

    We, like many of you, are a family that is passionate about our protection in this ever-changing world that we live in, and want to be prepared for anything life could throw at us. We are determined to keep each other safe in all scenarios, and now we would like to be able to share our passion with other families and individuals through fortify4life.com!


Convenient Friendly And Secure


    So please, don’t hesitate to have a look around at our inventory, ask questions, and fortify yourself with us. We’d be pleased to make your experience with us as convenient and user-friendly as we can. If you enjoy our site, please subscribe to our newsletter, or like our Facebook page- and of course, tell your friends!  

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