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Animal Repellents

What Are Animal Repellents?

One of the best ways to chase away animals and insects is by using an animal repellent, which there are many types on the market. For example, some people may opt for using a pest control company to deal with insects or they will buy pest controlling sprays. However, stray cats and dogs can be animals that can cause issues for humans and every single year there are people who become victims of dog attacks. This is especially the case among the elderly and children.

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IF you want to survive a dog attack, then you need to know how to defend yourself. Remember, dogs are usually scared when they are approaching you and barking at you. You will want to remain calm and keep your cool because if you don't, then the dog may end up getting angrier. If the dog comes up to you to sniff, then let them because if you don't, then they may become startled.

Usually the dog will go away after sniffing you. The same goes if you're approach by a group of dogs. Thankfully, there are animal repellents you can use to keep dogs away from you if they are in attack mode.

Pepper Spray

A muzzle spray is one of the best dog repellents and it has been used by women around the world because it's a good tool to use against stalker, but it can be used against attacking dogs. It is pepper spray, but not as strong as the kind that's used for humans and the muzzle pepper will cause the eyes of the dog to close. Breathing problems will occur because of the chemicals in the spray.

The dogs will also be in pain, but it will only be temporary. Tears will also appear after the dog is sprayed. All of those effects are only temporary. 

Ultrasonic Repellers

Another type of repellent is ultrasonic, which is small and lightweight and it emits high frequency sound, as well as a very bright light. The sound will cause dogs to become annoyed because the sound is intolerable, but humans are not affected by it. Also, the bright light can be a nuisance for the dog, which will cause them to run away or think twice about attacking you.

More and more people are turning to such products because they are effective at preventing dog attacks. If you work in an office that requires you to head out into town, then these products can come in handy. The same goes if you go on a morning or evening walk and there are a lot of dogs in the areas you walk in. Not only are these products good at preventing dog attacks, but you can use them against cats.

You should look into buying low cost animal repellents. They don't weigh a lot and you can bring them wherever you go, but make sure you don't use the products on your pets or just at any old dogs. Repellents are designed to be used by those who want to escape from dogs that are in attack mode.

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