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Picture Frame Spy Camera

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Quick Overview

What Are The Benefits Of Hidden Spy And Nanny Cameras?

Owning a spy camera is an excellent way to improve the security and safety of your family and home.  Of course, the people in your life that you are closest to and where you live are the most important things to you.  So, you will do whatever it takes - which includes doing research and purchasing a micro spy nanny cam - to make sure that everything and everyone that you want kept safe - will stay safe. 

However, owning a hidden spy cam has other benefits that you can take advantage of.  At first those benefits might not be obvious, but when you take a look at the overall big picture, they will make complete and absolute sense when it comes to your overall office, family and home security.  And after you have read throughout complete guide, you will be absolutely convinced that your best bet for meeting and exceeding all of your personal security needs is through investing in a wireless spy nanny camera.  

The oil painting picture frame camera with built in DVR and Wi-Fi capability is made to be easily set up and covert so no one will know you have a small hidden camera keeping surveillance on your property.

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Can A Spy Cam Really Look Like Household Items?

1.)  They Are More Than Merely A Spy Cam

The modern nanny cams of today are built into ordinary household items, such as tissue paper boxes, alarm clocks and pen holders.  So why not put these disguises to work for you?  Alarm clock nanny cams are functioning alarm clocks that can be used regularly - even if you don't use the camera that is inside of them.  When you buy a well-disguised nanny camera, you get technology with multiple purposes and uses.

2.)  Long Lasting

Safety and security never take time off, so your internet spy nanny cam shouldn't either.  When you buy a modern spy camera, it provides you with the confidence you need that it will always provide you with precise, punctual and professional service.  Whether you need to use a battery or plug it into the wall for power, it will provide you with many hours’ worth of high-quality surveillance and video recording.  That way you will know your nanny camera isn't missing anything.    

3.)  Master Of Disguise

The modern hidden spy nanny cameras are so creatively designed and well-hidden that no one will be able to determine where they are.  Spy cameras are able to hide in many different items such as air fresheners, spy camera painting and clocks so that they look, and actually function in some cases, like ordinary household objects that you use everyday.   What that means is, wherever you decide to hide or place your spy cam, it will remain hidden within plain sight at all times. 

4.)  Capable Of Versatile Locations

All that means is that you can install and setup your spy camera in almost any location you want.  Outside or inside, in dark corners or bright rooms, at the office or at home - wireless spy cams may be used in any circumstances and in any area.  What is important is that, it doesn't matter where you put your nanny camera or spy camera, you will be guaranteed to get reliable and incredible results.   

5.)  Affordable Technology

When spy camera technology was still new, the technology was not all that good and was very expensive.  Today that isn't true, since the body worn spy cams of today are much more powerful and reliable than they have ever been.  Also, hidden spy nanny cams are easy to use and install and quite affordable.  You don't have to be a member of MENSA or a millionaire any longer to be able to buy and figure how to use a spay camera.  

Are There Other Reasons To Purchase A Hidden Camera?

There are so many wonderful and different benefits that come with having a spy cam that you can use wherever and whenever you want.  With so many hazards and dangers that are a part of today's crazy world, it can be difficult to navigate as well as avoid them. Of course, no one has the awareness or time for keeping track of all of these since we are all too preoccupied with our own lives.  However, when you have a nanny cam or spy camera painting is a great way of enhancing safety and providing your family and yourself with the comfort and peace of mind that you truly deserve to have.  

Manny J. Manual is a spy camera expert and would love to share his passion and knowledge with you!  Manny firmly believes that every family should access to reliable and affordable wireless nanny cameras to keep their businesses, homes and families safe from crime, violence and harm. 

Manny lives in Canada, so he understands that when it comes to your family there is absolutely nothing more important to you than safety.  That is why he would like to spread the word and tell people all about self-contained spy cams that are affordable for families and which provide reliable security and protection.  He also believes that it shouldn't be too complicated for families to set up and use spy cameras.

It records in 720p HD resolution and has motion detection and can be viewed remotely using a smart phone or tablet. Just connect to your network and set up your router to view remotely. Some network experience is needed when setting up this camera. It has a rechargeable battery that will last for 8 hours on motion detection and only takes 4 hours to charge. You can also use the AC adapter to leave it plugged in for constant power.


  • 1/4″ CMOS Lens
  • supported resolutions: 1280x720(720P), 640×480(VGA), 320×240(QVGA)
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1LUX
  • Network: WIFI module
  • Network port RJ45 / WIFI
  • Local storage: 1 SD card
  • Support micro SD card (16GB card included), up to 32GB max
  • Power Consumption: ≤3W
  • Compatible: Windows, Mac, I Pad, I Phone, Android
  • Motion detection, P2P function, email notification alerts  


  • Oil painting camera
  • User manual
  • 16GB SD card
  • AC Adapter
  • RJ45 network connector.  
  • Dimensions: 12”× 10” × 1¾”

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