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  • The Advantages of Hidden Cameras, Security Cameras and Spy Cams

    The Advantages Of Hidden Cameras

    Hidden Cameras have advanced quite a bit since they were first created.

    New technological advances and manufacturing practices have made them affordable for homes and businesses. Additionally, security cameras have become so small, they are virtually unnoticeable.

    Hidden Cameras Come In Different Sizes And Designs

    Nanny cams are available in several, shapes and designs. You can purchase nanny cams hidden in teddy bears, outdoor waterproof cameras and many more designs.

    Because abuse has become rampant in America, more families are using hidden cameras to keep an eye on caregivers. These cameras can bring peace of mind and ensure family members are taken care of and are not being abused.

    Determining The Best Type Of Hidden Camera For Your Needs

    When shopping for hidden cameras, there are several questions that you should ask yourself. The following information can help you choose the best camera for your needs.

     How Will You Watch Your Videos?

    If you want to watch the footage from these cameras via the internet, you will need to purchase software that will allow you to stream the video live.
    If, you do not need a live feed streaming to the internet, there are DVR systems that record footage, allowing you to watch the feed later.

    Do You Need A Wired Or Wireless Hidden Camera?

    Wireless hidden cameras can be placed almost anywhere.
    These cameras may include a built in DVR.
    Wired systems will require cables to run to your recording device or computer. To maintain the integrity of the system and ensure the cameras are not seen, you will need to hide the cables.

    What Lighting Conditions Will You Be Recording?

    Standard hidden cameras do require good lighting; however, there are cameras that will work in the dark.
    These cameras, also known as X-vision cameras work in both bright light and in darkness.
    X-vision cameras record in black and white, which suits most home and business needs.

    Do You Need A DVR System?

    It depends on whether you will be recording for a long period of time.
    DVR systems are great for keeping an eye on your place while you are away from your home or office for a day or over the weekend.
    If you will only be using your hidden camera at certain times of the day, your computer may have enough capacity to handle your recording needs.

     What Advantages Do Hidden Cameras Offer?

    Hidden cameras are designed so that the average untrained person will not realize that their actions are being recorded.
    The Mini Digital Color alarm clock is perfect for bedside tables and comes with a built-in DVR.
    Teddy bear cams in a child's bedroom can go unnoticed. There are a number of other different styles, including hidden cameras inside Air Freshener DVR Color HD Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR, plants, Thermometer Hidden Camera with Built In DVR, wall clocks and much more.
    Hidden cameras are perfect when you have people working inside your home or office. They can help you know what is going on and how a caregiver is treating your family members.
    Footage from a hidden camera is admissible in court. When handled responsibly, provide you with safety and security.
  • Collapsible Steel Baton - Non-Lethal Self-Defense That Is Ideal For You

    Collapsible Steel Baton Provides Ease Of Access For Defense

    A common issue that many face in today’s world is a desire to have to some form of protection for themselves. However, this issue may have a much simpler solution than some might think. This issue has several different possible solutions, most often called self-defense products.

    These tools allow you to effectively protects yourself against an attacker, but do so in a non-lethal way. Used for years by law enforcement, the military, and others around the world. They remain safe, and effective. Some examples of these products include items as simple as personal alarms and pepper spray, and more aggressive items such as stun guns.

    How Effective Is A Retractable Baton?

    An effective product is a collapsible steel baton. Manufactured from a small steel shaft that is 8-inches long. However, the batons can telescope out to 16-26-inches long. Typically, the handle end has a comfortable and ergonomic foam or rubber material.

    While these products are small and compact enough to fit nicely in your purse or car, do not under estimate them. Telescopic Steel Batons can inflict enough discomfort to level the proverbial playing field. To help understand the amount of pain they can inflict, think back to the last time you bumped your shin or your forearm into something solid.

    The impact against bones close to the surface is enough the create a strong surge of pain that can be debilitating. It’s sure to encourage a retreat from anyone who tries to do you harm.

    Can I Add A Light Attachment?

    These useful products now also have a screw on LED light attachment, to help in the darker situations. This adds to the usefulness of this tool for anyone who travels alone at night. And the baton requires very little training, and nearly anyone can use them.

    This makes the collapsible steel baton an effective tool that allows you to protect yourself with a little extra reach, while still being non-lethal.

  • Driver Nap Alarm Helps To Keeps You Safe On The Road

    An Important Safety Device: Driver Nap Alarm

    It's called the "Driver Nap Alarm," but that really doesn't describe the product very well. Someone who works long hours, or who works into the night, can position this product on their ear. When their head starts to tip forward (i.e., the person starts to dose off), an alarm sounds. This is very beneficial for drivers; the alarm goes off if you start to nod off when on the road. It is great for night watchmen or anyone who works late hours as well. If you are wearing this device while driving, and it goes off, it is a good idea to either find someplace safe to fall asleep or to find somewhere that you can park and walk around a bit to wake up.

    The Driver Nap Alarm Could Potentially Save Your Life

    The Driver Nap Alarm is a product that would have been beneficial to me several times in my life. For example, once I was on the midnight shift, working as a truck driver. One morning, I was struggling to stay awake. The alarm would have come in very handy then. I also recall a time when I was driving home from a vacation. I was in a camper and I was struggling to get the family back to our house. The Nap Alarm would have given me peace of mind. Years later, I learned that I had sleep apnea, which is part of the reason why I struggled so much in these situations. I now realize how important it is to stay off the road when you are tired.

    Life Is Too Short To Risk Your Life

    People are always in a hurry, so much so that they don't make the best decisions when they drive. They will intentionally get behind the wheel when they are tired, or they will continue to drive even when they know they should stop, because they want to get where they are going. They are putting their life at risk and they are also putting other people's lives at risk. The Driver Nap Alarm can jolt a bit of sense into you and help you realize that you need to stop. It's a simple product that works great.

  • Bottle With Built-In Filter A Must Have For Backpackers And Campers

    A Good Water Bottle With A Filter Is A Must Have

    A good water bottle that has a filter is a serious benefit to anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast. Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter is just that portable, filtered, plastic water bottles are something that hikers, bikers, and runners would have loved decades ago. Anyone can take advantage of having access to filtered water when on the run.

    Bottle With Built-In Filter A Must Have For Survivalist

    How do you pick a good filtered water bottle? It primarily depends on where you're going. Hikers need to heed special precautions when they're deep in the woods. Springs that might have once been safe aren't 'pristine' any longer. You might need a device or tool that can remove giardia or cryptosporidium cysts from the water.

    In your home, you can remove such hazards easily with a good purification device or method. However, until not long ago, a hiker had no such luck. Now, solutions are present. They might seem kind of expensive, but if you want to avoid getting ill on your hike, it's a worthwhile investment.

    What Makes The Bottle With Built-In Filter So Good?

    What most folks need when jogging into town or traveling to their office is a water bottle that is reasonably priced but has a filter. Ideally, this Bottle with Built-In Filter is built from robust plastic that can take many years of abuse. If it slips out of your hands, you can get a bounce rather than a shatter.

    Some water bottles that come with filters make it harder for you to lose your grip. They might have a 'Dyno-flex' gripper band that makes sure there's not much chance of slippage or mishandling. That offers a level of security, and the bottle is durable enough to avoid filter breakage even in a fall.

    How Important Is A Good Quality Portable Water Bottle?

    A good water bottle with a high-quality filter isn't just good for taking on your run or trip to the gym. People often use them while commuting to or from work, and even in their office through the day. Water fountains are dubious places to get a drink, particularly if you live in cities like Baltimore or DC.

  • Pocket Poncho A Must Have For Backpacking

    Hiking Yosemite's Mist Trail? Bring Along Waterproof Boots And A Pocket Poncho

    A trip to California is not complete without stopping to take in some of the incredibly beautiful sites at Yosemite National Park. With world-class hiking trails and breathtaking scenery everywhere you look, this stunning national park provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature. One trail that is worth checking out is the Mist Trail. Few things in life are as beautiful as the waterfall that you can view from the trail.

    Before you head out on your adventure, it is important to stock up on the right supplies. Because the waterfall gives off a lot of mist, you should wear sturdy hiking boots that are waterproof and that provide excellent traction. That way, your feet will not only be protected and properly supported but they will also stay dry. Another way to keep the water at bay is by bringing along a pocket poncho. Because this trail can be difficult to climb, you shouldn't carry anything in your hands. Instead, if you are going to be bringing along a camera, you should carry it in a backpack or strap it to your chest. Most people find a chest harness to be the best option since it makes it easier to capture photos along the way.

    Always Use Caution When Taking Pictures

    Photographing waterfalls is all about getting the most incredible shots possible. In many cases, people lean way out over the edge of the rail to try to get a better shot of the waterfall. This can be incredibly dangerous since the rocks underfoot are slippery. Although the railing can help protect you from falling, it is easy to lose your grip on your camera if you are not careful. That is why most people find it beneficial to strap their cameras to their bodies rather than keeping them untethered.

    Planning An Even Bigger Adventure

    If you are up for it, the Mist Trail doesn't have to be your stopping point. Instead, you can use the trail to access two of Yosemite's other famous trails - the Half Dome trail or the trail to Nevada Falls. Be sure to bring along food and water and your pocket poncho since these trails take an entire day to tackle. It is well worth the effort, however - especially when you finally make it home and have a chance to view the incredible photographs that you captured along the way.

    Few activities provide all the benefits of hiking. Not only is it great for your body from a physical standpoint but it is also great for your mind since it promotes relaxation and provides a welcome escape from the fast pace of everyday life.

  • Stun Gun Wielding Woman Defends Herself From Rape

    A 39-year-old saved her own life and prevented a rapist from fulfilling his desire, when she used her stun gun on him.

    In a hushed courtroom on Tuesday, the woman retold her story to the judge. With a knife used by her would-be rapist still lodged in her chest, she found a way to free herself from the teen who had assaulted numerous other women according to police.
    The 39-year-old didn't flinch as she retold her story again during a preliminary exam for the 18-year-old teen.

    She Describes How She Was Able To Break Free

    She finally found a way to break free and use her stun gun on the man.
    The woman woke up with a man on top of her in her bedroom at approximately 3:43 a.m. on December 30th. He was on top of her telling her that he wanted sex.
    "As he hit me and stabbed me I began to fight back. I pulled on his hoodie, I fought for my life."

    Suddenly, I Recognized The Man. He Was A Teen From Our Neighborhood.

    "I know who you are" she stated to him "you're just a young man, a boy."
    Asking him what he wanted from her, he indicated that she was to lie down and remove her clothing from the waist down. "you want sex?" she asked Then, she pretended to need to check one of her daughters to make sure she didn't hear anything.

    He walked her toward her daughter's room holding the back of her tee shirt so that she couldn't escape. This enabled her to get to her stun gun which she immediately used on her would-be rapist.

    When he went down, she broke free and made her escape. She took the knife out of her chest and ran across the street to her sisters and called the police.

    Her Attacker Ran The Opposite Way.

    The victim had multiple stab wounds and a punctured lung. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks recovering from her attack. The doctors had to put staples in her head as well to repair her scalp from injuries sustained from her attacker while she was in her bedroom.

  • The Child Guard and Tiny Plastic Panda

    The following is a story how the Child Guard was used.

    "I cannot believe you are going to put that THING (Child Guard) on our child. “Amy leered at Craig.

    He responded sheepishly, "but you know how Ryan likes to take off, honey. This bungee leash is the only way we'll be sure he doesn't get away from us!"

    The Kiddie Park

    "We're going to a kiddie park," barked Amy, "not the Westminster Kennel Club!"

    The doorbell rang. Craig skulked over to open the door for Amy's best friend, Sarah, and her daughter, Ashley.

    After one look at Ryan, Ashley tugged on Sarah's trouser leg and asked, "Is Ryan gonna play doggie?"

    "Craig, didn't I tell you that thing was a bad idea?" Sarah reached into her purse and produced a tiny plastic panda. "Here, I got an extra one of these, and it looks like you can use it."

    Sarah told her friends that she worried about Ashley, too, but that she didn't want her to miss out on having fun in crowded places. She explained how the Child Guard alerts parents by beeping if a child strays more than a few feet away.

    "Mommy says I need to hold on to my kitty," interrupted Ashley, showing off her cat-shaped Child Guard, on a ribbon around her neck.

    "They're shaped like little pets, so the kids don't mind it when they're clipped to their clothes," said Sarah.

    Craig studied the panda and wondered aloud, "but what happens when we're all using our Child Guards at the same time? How do we know what our kid's doing?"

    "That's what's great about the system," said Sarah, "it scouts around for a clear frequency, so it doesn't interfere with anyone else's system. So, are we going to the park, or what?"

    Later that afternoon, Ryan and Ashley played on a swing set while a trio of parents relaxed on a park bench. Ryan's panda and Ashley's kitty dangled from their necks in unison.

    Ryan glanced up at a cloud, and heard the familiar sound of the ice cream truck pulling into the park. A split second later, the Child Guard receiver he had attached to his key ring started to beep.

    "Like father, like son," deadpanned Amy.

    Craig rushed off to scoop up Ryan on his dash for the sweets. As they saw another young child straining against a nylon harness, Craig reminded himself to thank Sarah for helping them enjoy the afternoon without that kind of embarrassment.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,
    Fortify 4 Life

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.


    PPS: Peace of Mind “90-Day” REFUND GUARANTEE: Whatever you purchase, use it for a full 90 days. If for any reason you wish to return it, just ask and we will cheerfully refund your money Link to Home Page


  • High Definition Surveillance Systems

    Home Surveillance Systems For 24 Hour Monitoring

    High Definition Surveillance Systems will allow you to monitor your property around the clock, even when you're not physically present.

    Breaking and entering has become an increasingly common problem.

    Criminals take their time to watch your property, determine when you will be away and what the best access points are before they simply walk right in and take what they want.

    Security Cameras Growing In Popularity

    The truth is, they provide homeowners with top security measures against theft.

    One of the best options available is to purchase a DIY installation kit online.

    Start off with a single camera kit and then install additional cameras as your budget allows.

    Larger systems come with everything you need, multiple cameras, DVR and necessary cabling.

    Wireless Home Security Systems And Cameras

    One of the main drawbacks to camera installation is the amount of cabling required to connect the cameras and equipment.

    Fortunately, wireless systems are now available, making installation a breeze. Your kit will provide you with the cameras, receivers as well as software to link it to your computer, laptop or mobile devices through a Wi-Fi connection.

    You can choose cameras that have benefits such as night vision, motion detection and full HD streaming and recording capabilities.

    Mobile Home Surveillance

    In Conclusion, your High Definition Surveillance Systems can connect to your mobile phone, tablet or other devices so that you can monitor what is happening at home at the touch of a button, no matter where you are.

    Installing your own surveillance cameras is a cost-effective means of getting quality surveillance without additional monthly expense.

  • BashLite and Wildfire Pepper Spray Great for Walks When It's Hot

    Enjoying a Walk at Night

    You might assume that I have a conceal carry permit, and you would be correct! However there are times when having my sidearm on me just doesn't work. I walk a lot and sometimes it's at night in the dark or early in the morning when the sun is just coming up, this is the perfect situation to carry the Bashlite and Wildfire Pepper Spray. In the summer it gets hot here and I wear athletic shorts and a thin shirt, which isn't conducive for conceal carry.

    Good Time To Carry a Bashlite and Wildfire Pepper Spray

    When it's hot arguably is the perfect time to carry the Camouflage BashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight! It is compact and won't hinder my power walk. The  Camouflage BashLite 15,000,000 volt Stun Gun Flashlight will light the way if I need and provide stun gun capabilities if necessary! I also carry Pepper Shot 2 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream! It fits easily into my pocket and I hardly notice it's there. Pepper Shot 2 ounce 10% Flip top Actuator Pepper Spray Stream gives me that added protection in the chance I encounter a stray dog that is aggressive!

    Non-Lethal Self Defense

    Finally,What I really like is that I won't permanently injure someone or an animal and  I will be able to protect myself.  So if you like to walk or prefer to run, these two items are a must to help keep you safe. Don't become a victim, be prepared always and in all situations!

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