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Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter

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Quick Overview

The Portable Water Bottle with Built-In Filter turns rain, lake, and river water into drinkable water immediately.The water bottle is ideal for hiking, fishing, hunting, survival, military, foreign travel, and emergency needs. It removes 99.99% bacteria with 0.01 micron hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane and is BPA free. The design of portable water bottle filter is based on comfort and functionality so that it’s as user friendly as possible.

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It will filter about 400ml per minute; the filter can filter 80L before the filter needs to be changed. The portable water bottle has an inlet that you can pump water directly into if used with the (Portable Mini Water Filter Pump). This would filter the water another time once you drink through the water bottle and save the life of the filter. It will hold up to 600ml of liquid.

Question: Can you put ice in the water bottle or freeze the bottle?

Answer: Yes, you can put ice in your Refresh2go bottle. Our make our bottles from durable plastic which means you can freeze them, however keep in mind that it will be difficult to suck the water through the filter if there is even a little bit of frozen/slushy water remaining around the filter.

Question: Will this remove the sulfur taste from tap water?

Answer: Yes, it will help reduce the taste but the results will vary depending on the amount of sulfur that the water begins with.

Question: Does this come with filter or do we need to buy one right away?

Answer: This comes with a filter. It just attaches to the end of the straw so you can use it with or without the filter.

Question: Can you put like cucumbers or fruits into your water?

Answer: Yes, however, it is better not to put anything as it may clog the filter.

Question: Is it dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, absolutely!

Question: Can this water bottle filter non-potable water?

Answer: Yes, this bottle is designed for exactly that purpose and for filtering tap water.

Question: Is this bottle BPA free?

Answer: Yes!

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