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Best Collapsible Batons

Introducing The Extendable Baton.

The expandable baton is a great form of defense and you can easily conceal it. It's portable enough to carry it around wherever you go. Many police officers have switched to expandable batons from fixed ones. Let's be honest, there's no need to know the difference between the moves Jet Li uses and the moves Jackie Chan uses before you can learn how to defend yourself.

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The fact is self-defense batons are extremely powerful to help you defend yourself against an attacker. However, if you're not careful, a baton can hurt someone very badly and one of those batons is the telescopic baton. The concept for the baton has been around for many years and law enforcement agencies and the military have been using them for decades. In the past, batons were made out of wood, but eventually they were made with other types of materials. Wooden batons eventually became less favored when modern expandable batons arrived on the market.

What Is A Telescopic Baton?

An expandable baton is also called a telescoping or collapsible baton. It can be compared to an old-fashioned antenna. When you want to get a better signal, you just pull the shaft. This results in the baton extending, just like an antenna would when you pull it. There are different shafts that make up the baton, and this includes the outer shaft that is fixed. The outer shaft is the handle, and the inner shafts can be adjusted to the length you prefer.

Some batons have two or more shafts and the body of the baton is usually constructed from aluminum alloy or steel. Batons are not heavy, but they are very sturdy and there are many benefits that expandable batons offer. Below are some of the top benefits. Keep in mind these are only a few benefits.

1. It Collapses- Traditional batons don't collapse, but expandable ones do. In fact, sometimes they can be reduced to just six-inches long and you can place it in your pocket, wear it on your belt. Not only that, but it is a good form of stealthy protection, which means an attacker won't know you have it and once his guard is down, you can take the baton out and use it against him. You can hold it in your hand and then expand it just as you go to strike the attacker, which improves your chances of landing a successful blow.

2. It's Easy to Carry- If you are on the police force, then you know the importance of having a weapon that's easy to carry. Expandable batons are very easy to carry because they don't weigh a lot, unlike most fixed batons. Plus, police officers often have to run after suspects, and they may find this easier to do with a lightweight expandable baton.

3. No Force Necessary- You might not even have to use self-defense when a would-be attacker notices you have an expandable baton. Sometimes the presence of it is enough to scare the subject off. Remember, sometimes intimidation can be the best form of defense, and an expandable baton is intimidating.

4. Improves Image- Police are to provide a service to the public and not to scare them off. An expandable baton may improve an officer's image. This is because expandable batons are not that harmless looking.

Buying A Baton

There are a few tips you should bear in mind when it comes to buying an expandable baton, with the first one being to check your region's laws. Different states have different laws. Always learn the laws before you purchase and carry around an expandable baton. Figure out what size you want because batons are available in many sizes, but the size you should go with depends on your personal preference, your physical ability and what you intend to use it for. Most people can easily use a 16-inch baton, but anything longer than that may be a struggle. Determine what you'll be using it for and then find the ideal baton. Also, get training because this is how you'll get the most from your baton. If you don't want to see a professional, then buy a video or DVD. This can help you gain confidence. Finally, don't choose the cheapest brand, as the best batons are produced by ASP, and it symbol can be found on the baton. This brand has been around for a very longtime and many professionals use it. There are various batons made by the brand, so finding one that suits your needs, preference and situation is easy. Expandable batons come in handy. As you can see, it's a good form of self-defense. So, keep the above information in mind if you decide to get one.

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