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Garrett's CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster

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The modern day, environment is very security conscious and the detection of things that are banned can become much easier if extensive use is made of hand-held security scanners.  Most events that are open to the public will find scanners being used, whether these are airports, schools, concerts or sporting events. The devices in use nowadays have vastly improved technology that ensures accuracy, while they still remain quite affordable. Metal security scanners can be used for a number of applications, some of which you may not have believed possible.


The Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster highly sensitive pin pointer has both audible and vibrating alarms and requires no tuning.

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Effective Security With Hand-Held scanners

Many organizations find it very necessary to detect concealed weapons. These devices help security forces to ensure the safety of crowds that gather for sporting events, in airports, corporate events, schools, and clubs while mail and public officials can also be afforded a greater degree of safety. The particular need for security can decide the style of hand-held scanner that is the best for use.

Metal Detector Wand

You can get units that are not very expensive, but yet have a detection sensitivity that can be adjusted. This adjustment allows the user to decide on the distance that has to be maintained from the objects being scanned. Microprocessor circuitry in these hand-held scanners like the Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster, allows for increased sensitivity of the devices and reduces any need for the re-tuning of the scanner. These devices, which are hand-held, can detect jewelry that is just an inch wide, while drugs wrapped in foil, box cutters, and guns can be easily detected. You can also use these devices for a simple task like spotting nails in wood that you may need to remove. They have even been used to identify and locate metallic objects that have been swallowed inadvertently by children. You can get scanners that have blades that can be used to scrape and work their way through the soil, while they try to find metal objects. Scanners can be made water resistant so that they can be cleaned after using through dirt or can be used even when it is raining. Metal detectors can be equipped with flashlights, as this makes it of great value to security personnel for crime scenes at all times of the day or night. 

How To Use A Hand Held Metal Detector

These security scanners use several methods to alert the persons using them, to the presence of a metallic object. Some use silent LED lights, others will vibrate, while the majority of them will give out audible signals. Most units can detect metallic objects all around the detecting end of the hand-held scanner. The power for these scanners is made available in many different ways.  They will have batteries that need to be replaced, while others may have batteries that can be recharged. Sizes of these scanners can also vary. The intended use determines the length, which can vary from 9 to 19 inches. Longer units can scan large packages, or, to detect metal that is deep in containers or bags.
It can be quite irksome to have to wait to attend events, but it is this extra time that ensures that we are safe once we have entered. Security scanners are seeing increasing use, and this is a sign of the uncertain times that we have to get used to. 

Hand Held Metal Detector


When meetings are open to all or have, people attending who are not known, this can make a problem for security. The people responsible for such meetings will find the use of body scanners useful to ensure safety and security. These scanners can easily detect firearms, knives, and other metallic objects within short periods of time. Scanners will signal the presence of these unwanted objects by flashing lights, vibrations or with an audible signal. Operators can decide on the alarm that they want to use. This can often depend on the gathering and its purpose.

Hand Held Perfect For Security Check

It is common nowadays for ticket checkers in sporting events to check purses and any other thing that a spectator holds in the hand or carries. Most of these officials do not use hand-held scanners. Airports do go in for more detailed searches and use the Garrett CSI Pro-Pointer with Holster,to assist in security. Public attending events or places where there are many people must accept the fact that delays will occur in gaining admittance to these places. Notices at events must publicize the scanning that will be carried out and the numbers that are allowed in at each entrance. Weapons must never be allowed into any such events or performances. Publicity and information about the items that are banned can prevent any charge of discrimination. Security scanners can conduct such searches quickly and prevent the formation of long and impatient queues. The modern devices can detect items that have very little metallic content.
Complete safety and security can never be guaranteed in large public gatherings, but scanners can go a long way in reducing the chances of security being endangered in any way. People who attend such gatherings can also help in the detection of any suspicious objects and notify the right authorities if they do find anything amiss.


Proportional alarms increase in intensity based on target's proximity to quickly pinpoint weapons, shell casings, projectiles and crime scene evidence. Search walls and tight spaces for hidden items like metal pipes or studs, can also check wood for nails. Features a scraping blade to sift through soil. Is also water resistant - can be washed in running water or used in the rain.

Automatically adjusts - Microprocessor circuitry ensures maximum sensitivity with no tuning necessary. Pinpointing tip and 360° side scanning capability in one pin pointer. Scan with the side of the detector to quickly cover an area, then use the tip to precisely pinpoint the target. Static detection (no motion required) speeds target recovery. LED flashlight assists in low light recoveries. Woven belt holster included.

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