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Dash Camera 1080P HD Camera Built in DVR

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Quick Overview

The Benefits of HD Dash Cams

This 1080P Dash Camera provides super high definition with a 2.31-inch LCD screen and a built in DVR, it is very simple to operate with its one touch recording and recording quality that is crisp and clear. A camera which records images that are grainy and blurry does nobody any good. A high-performance HD chip in the HD Dash Camera so that the picture and video quality are very clear. 


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 Does This Dash Camera Come On Automatically When Starting The Car?

There is a 170° viewing angle on the camera and its internal battery will last close to two days on parking mode. Parking mode is the special feature that will look after your car when you are away. When you are not near your car and something moves it, the camera automatically will begin recording for thirty seconds. It will take around three hours to fully charge. 
The unit plugs into the cigarette lighter to charge the battery and operate while the car is running. When you plug the camera into the car´s cigarette lighter and the engine starts, automatically the camera will turn on and recording will commence. It has a built-in microphone to records audio. The camera includes a suction cup mount for easy mounting on the windshield. This HD Dash Camera DVR can record over previous footage or stop recording once the SD card is full. 

Can I Playback The Video On My PC? 

Included is a 32GB SD card with the DVR which will record more than six hours' worth of footage in H.264 format. It also includes a USB cable making it easy to download your footage onto your computer to view it as well as to store video footage. It also includes a mini HDMI out port that you can view on an HDMI TV. The LCD screen which is 2.31 inches allows for menu adjustments, playback, as well as to see what the camera sees. 
Perhaps you have noticed that in Western countries, dash cams have become more and more popular. It was not that long ago the only police cars had dashboard cameras installed. However, the unthinkable happened, somewhere in a remote town in Siberia, Russia - and much to everyone's surprise, dozens of videos of the event went live on YouTube!
This is because dash cams in Russia, due to the rampant corruption as well as insurance fraud issues, have become quite popular. There are a variety of reasons that Russian drivers use them: for starters, dash cams allow them to count on video evidence is there were involved in an accident that was not their fault. Secondly, they offer protection against corrupt police officers who are well known for fining drivers who have not done anything wrong. And thirdly, you may find this unbelievable if you have not witnessed it, but there is actual footage of pedestrians jumping suddenly out on a driving car, simply to claim money from the insurance company of the driver. 
Guess what? For these precise reasons, dash cams are also useful in your own country. Although you may fortunately live in an area where corruption is not as widespread, however there is still a chance that one day you may run into this kind of situation. And although you hope this is not the case, how can you be certain that a traffic accident will never, ever occur? 
Dash cam footage is admissible as proof of your innocence in a court of law, it can clear you once and for all from any false accusations against you. However, that is not all. Although dash cams are a great resource if there were an accident, usually most people will not require footage to prove their innocence in court, although knowing that you could if needed.
Another reason why more and more individuals are making the choice to purchase a dash cam: they are loads of fun! Have you ever driven through a picturesque landscape, and simply enjoyed the view as you drove along? Imagine being able to record these magical moments, and share them with family and friends once you arrive home, or add some background music and load a lovely video up on YouTube. Perhaps a certain celebrity crossing the road right in front of you, or maybe some rare wildlife grazing right along the side of the road. Now you can easily back up those stories from your road trip with your great high definition video!
While you drive, dash cams remain on. When the ignition is on, they start recording, so you do not have to remember to turn on your camera. Although there is limited capacity to memory cards, modern day dash cams allow for over four hours of top quality video recording. 

Does Recording Continuously Loop? 


There is also a technique called "cyclic recording", what this means is that when your memory card becomes full, automatically they will overwrite the footage which is oldest, this means that you will never, ever run out of 'disk space.' 
You will of course be able to mark the areas of your video footage you want to keep. This means that until you copy them onto your computer, preventing overwriting. On top of that, the most modern dash cams also include a G-sensor to activate camera on impact, it will automatically mark the recording for safekeeping, this way it will not accidentally become overwritten.

Features and Specs

• Front camera: HD1080P 30fps  

• HDMI output

• Built in Lithium rechargeable battery

• 3.0 Mega pixels, HD high quality resolution

• 170° ultra-wide angle lens

• Motion detection function

• 30 frames per second for smooth video flow 

• Loop recording or will stop when storage is full 

• Display screen: 2.31” LCD

• Video format: AVI


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