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Gunk Motor Flush Diversion Containers

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Quick Overview

Have you ever heard of a Diversion Safe? And, if you have, do you actually know what it is?Sometimes referred to as Can Safes, Diversion Safes are just ordinary objects that can be found in your house that are hollowed out to provide a space for placing your valuables inside of or something you would like to have hidden but left in plain sight. Think of all those times you left money or your keys out on your kitchen table.


Gunk Motor Flush Diversion Safe is the best place to hide anything in plain sight.

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Diversion Safes For Cars And Homes

The kitchen appears to be a really popular place for leaving our valuables in.  We have a tendency to leave notes there for our spouse or kids, jewelry, money for going to the store - all out in plain sight for anybody to come around and steal.  

Then there are all of our letters and important papers - you would want just anybody reading your personal correspondence, would you? I know I wouldn't.

This is where Can Safes and Kitchen Diversion Safes come into play.  These amazing products look precisely like whatever object they are representing.  That way nobody ever suspects that there is anything valuable contained inside of them.  No one would ever think that there would be money contained inside of a salt shaker or that there would be anything more valuable than coffee inside of a coffee pot.

The best thing to do is put Can Safes or Stash Diversion Safes together with similar items.  For instance, you should put your Del Monte Fruit Salad Can Safe inside your closet containing all of your other canned fruits.  No burglar is going to waste his valuable time shaking a bunch of cans to attempt to find anything in them other than fr uit.  

Hide A Safe

There are also many Can Safes that are able to stand by themselves on your kitchen counter.  A great place for hiding money for your kids when they return home from school would be a Coffee Mug Diversion Safe.  Just make sure they don't tell their friends about it since the money might go missing someday and it won't be your kids who take it.  Not every friend is completely honest.             

In most homes an Ajax Cleanser can belongs underneath your sink.  You could use an Ajax Can Safe for storing those credit cards of yours that you don't use very often! 

If you own two watches, you could put one inside of a Flower Pot Diversion Safe on your window sill next to all of your other flowers.  You could then easily trade off your watches every day. 

Stash Gear

Those are just a couple of ideas for Can Safes and Diversion Safes that are great to use in your kitchen.  Many other safes are available for using in the bathroom and other parts of your house and garage.  They all look just like the real thing, so nobody can tell the difference between it and the real item.

Just make sure you don't become a victim to the next burglary.    

Everybody should have at least one Can Safe and Diversion Safe in their office or house for storing their valuables inside so that they are close at hand, but also completely hidden away from burglars and anyone else who might be curious.

Have you ever considered the amount, of valuable items you have stored out in your garage?  Just think of what a great place your garage is for hiding items away from burglars and other criminals.  Whether you are running a business from your garage, have a shop out in your backyard, or have a home garage, there are many items in there that you wouldn't want the public to have access to.     

Some of those items may include things like special tools, money, important papers, your cell phone, keys to the garage and so forth.  Yes, those could be hidden inside of a drawer or behind an oil can, but these days, burglars know where all of the easy hiding places are. What about hiding your money inside a Liquid Wrench can?  Or placing your keys inside of a paint can.  What?  Wouldn't that be messy?

Let's discuss something referred to as a Stash Diversion Safe (which is also called a Fake Safe or Can Safe at times).  Those are everyday times that you often see in your house or garage.

Secret Hiding Safes

Every Diversion Safe is the exact copy of a real product except that the center is hollowed out of it, is weighted, and there is either a screw bottom or top on it.  If it is left out on your work bench in the garage and put some grease around the can so that it appears to be used, nobody would ever be able to tell that the innocent looking can was actually a Diversion Safe that contained valuables.   

To provide your valuables with some extra safety, placing your Diversion Safe in the same area of other cans with similar content is a good idea.  To disguise it even more place your Paint Can Safe in with other paint cans.

Burglars want to get in and out quickly so they aren't going to spend time shaking every can on your floor or shelf.  It's the only way they would be able to find your valuables since a Diversion Safe looks just like the real thing.

However, Can Safes and Diversion Safes aren't made only for your garage.  There are also these types of safes that are made for the bathroom, kitchen and rest of your house.  They come in the form of coffee mugs, soda and beer cans, clocks, books, salt shakers, cans and more. 

So, go wild with your imagination and look into all of the various Can Safes and Diversion Safes that are available for you to use inside your home to keep it secure and safe from anybody looking to use your house as someplace for gathering loot.  Make sure you aren't the next burglary victim!

We offer a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms. Each is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full.

Interior dimensions of safe 3" x 3 5/8"

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