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Hand Held Metal Detectors

A Brief Overview Of The Latest In Metal Detector Technology

You're probably familiar with metal detectors that are used by the average consumer, but what you may not know is there are more powerful professional versions used by those searching for large metal deposits. These professional grade metal detectors are much more technologically advanced than those used by everyday consumers. They have to be because folks who use them are searching for large amounts of metals that are typically found buried deep underground. This makes them much more powerful than the hand held security scanners most people are familiar with.

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Unlike the more powerful professional models, traditional handheld metal detectors typically only scan a few feet underground. Not only can these professional models scan deeper underground, they can also detect objects based on its decay stage, a feature you will not find in handheld models.

There are also underwater models available that are operated via remote control, which means you don't have to get in the water to use it. The advancements made in metal detector technology has come a long way over the years. Before these powerful metal detectors came along, people had to search for the metals they were seeking by digging, usually by using shovels, which as you can imagine, would be an awful lot of work.

These professional metal detectors to have their drawbacks however. One reason they aren't used more often by normal everyday people is because of the high cost. It's just not worth this high cost for most people, but for those looking for large metal deposits, the high cost is often a bargain. One discovery of a valuable metal deposit can often pay for the entire machine and more.

Consumer model metal detectors still have their place, and can be used for hunting treasure on a beach, in the park, and even for security purposes at sporting events and concerts.

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