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Door Guard Alarm

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Quick Overview

This alarm requires no installation, simply hang it on any doorknob. Once hung, it instantly detects any vibration. When the alarm is tripped, it will emit a 98dB alert for 20-30 seconds, then will reset in 3-5 seconds. The sensitivity of the alarm is easily adjusted with a screwdriver. The Door Guard can be removed from the doorknob and used as an area light with the switch in the light position.

The Door Guard is ideal for keeping you and your loved ones safe from harm. The Door Guard is compact, making it portable so you can take it with you when you travel. It is ideal for anyone and can be used virtually anywhere. Not sure about that shady looking hotel, but can't beat the price, feel confident and safe.

The Hanging Door Alarm is a very versatile shock sensor alarm. Ideal for home, office, hotel, or travel.

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Question: Any false alarms, while it is hanging on door, because of unit itself?

Answer: I had no problems with false alarms. I suppose if it was on a door that was very loose in its frame or a gate that might sway in the wind, it is possible. For a typical home/apartment type door, there should be no problem.

Question: Will this work for someone exiting the door? my father sleepwalks and I wondering if this works for leaving the house as well.

Answer: Yes, absolutely. As soon as the device senses a disturbance, the alarm goes off. It doesn’t matter which side of the door you place the alarm.

Question: Does this work on a metal door, and can I turn it off without sounding the alarm?

Answer: Yes, this hanging door alarm should work on any door. You hang it from the handle and its motion activated. It will activate with strong vibrations, trucks or heavy traffic. You can turn it off, but you must do so very quickly and carefully. Usually you will get a short "beep" of the alarm when you are turning it off.

Question: How can I open the loop? I need to adjust it to hang it on my window frame.

Answer: The loop snaps in and out easily.

Question: Has anyone tried this on a travel trailer door knob?

Answer: I used it on my apartment. Not a trailer, but my point is that it is ultra-sensitive. Which is good. People walking down the hallway would set it off. As soon as someone hears this it completely ruins any possibility of a surprise. Well worth the money.

Question: When triggered, does it eventually turn itself off automatically, without manual intervention?

Answer: When tripped, it will emit a 98dB alert for 20-30 seconds, then will reset in 3-5 seconds.

Question: Is it heavy? I have an old latch not a knob.

Answer: No. this hanging door alarm is very lightweight but effective.

Question: Could I use this alarm on my motorcycle while it's parked outside the hotel room when I'm traveling?

Answer: Yes, as soon as the bike is even slightly moved the alarm will sound, nice theft deterrent.

Question: Could an intruder just turn it off as soon as they opened the door?

Answer: He could, however he would most likely be fumbling with the unit trying to get off the door and then trying to silence the alarm. It takes some practice to turn the unit off from the inside with minimal noise. This unit makes a lot of noise and will awaken you from a dead sleep so that you could be ready to greet him.

Question: I need alarms for all my doors that lead out to my pool, would these work for that?

Answer: Yes, the device cannot be where moisture can get into the alarm.

Question: What if you're not home and the alarm goes off?

Answer: This design of this product is to let a homeowner know when someone else is attempting to turn their door knob. You can still arm this alarm and then leave your house. In that case, if an intruder tries an enter your door, the alarm will sound and perhaps make an intruder think twice.

Question: I have steel security bars around the house. Will it go off if someone wants to break the security bars?

Answer: Yes, the door guard alarm would work in this situation. 

Uses 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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