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Black Plastic Comb Knife

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Quick Overview

Using A Plastic Knife Comb For Self-Defense.

When it comes to self-defense, a knife is one of the most popular and most used weapons that people use when it comes to potentially protecting your life. In this regard, the combination of a knife comb is one of the best things you can purchase when looking to take your self-defense into your own hands. People choose to employ this knife to be able to take care of themselves by using it in a trained way, as opposed to aimlessly flicking it at an attacker. When a person knows what they are doing with a knife, it will allow them to be the aggressor and protect themselves to the point that person is in good hands of their life is on line.

This black plastic comb knife is the perfect concealed self-defense tool on the planet. 

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Can A Comb Knife Really Be Used For Self-Defense?

With this in mind, it is very critical to select the best type of knife possible from a self-defense standpoint. The right knife to use is one that you know completely that you will be able to use it during the course of an attack. There are numerous knives that you will be able to choose in this regard, so it is important for you to do so based on your needs. In terms of knives, you will need to make the most out of this decision by choosing something that is very compact and that will easily fit inside of your purse or your pocket. The best-case scenario in this regard is a hidden knife comb.

Is The Stealth Knife Comb Easy To Handle?

When using a hidden knife comb, you can count on having a knife that you will be able to quickly and conveniently access. You will be able to whip it out at once and use it strategically. This may be surprising to some, but there are hands-free knives available. A hands-free knife is worn just like a set of brass knuckles and can be incredibly useful if you need to hold a flashlight in the other hand or if you need to grab the person that is attacking you.

In terms of knives that are useful, you may also look for one that you are able to wear around your waist. This is the type of knife that you will be able to use and operate with great efficiency whenever being attacked by a person or persons. If you really want to understand the most practical and prudent way to use these knives, it is very important that you purchase a video training session that will show you a number of demonstrations so that you are fully informed on how to use it throughout the course of actual combat.

Should I Train With A Hidden Knife To Become Confident?

When you are thinking about becoming handy with a knife, training martial arts is one of the best things you can do. A number of martial artists learn to use knife techniques so that they are able to protect themselves whenever attacked on the street. You will be able to use the knife techniques mixed with martial arts training so that you are able to avoid an attack and subdue an attacker. When you are able to stop an attacker, and minimize injuries, it also diminishes the likelihood of complications that arise when a police report is filed.

Knife fighting is something that is very important to learn due to the alarming rise in crime rates. You need to be able to help yourself out any time that you are dealing with an emergency situation. By also understanding martial arts training, you will be able to learn ways to fight with hand-to-hand combat on a one-on-one basis or with more than one attacker. You will be able to learn how to subdue an attacker that has a knife or a gun in their hand so that you are prepared for any emergency that arises.

What Martial Art Technique Is Best For Stealth Knife Fighting?

Salat is a type of martial art that teaches people how to subdue such an attacker. This form of self-defense will make sure that both you and the person attacking you leave unharmed. The martial art expresses the importance that you avoid these sorts of situations whenever possible since this is the main measure of cure to take. It also stresses that you learn the best ways to avoid arguments and lot in the potential strikes with a strong focus on defense. This way, you will avoid serious injuries and will be able to use technique by catching the attacker and locking their joints, getting them to drop the knife or gun.

This is the type of martial art that requires an incredible amount of skill and training, which only comes with hours of perfecting the technique. When you master this technique, you will be able to counter the attack and get the attacker to drop the weapon. Salat stresses that killing and harming others is sinful, except for if you are in an incredibly dire emergency in which there is no other choice or option. By learning to counterattack, you will be able to prevent harm to yourself and the person who is choosing to attack you.

Keep these tips in mind as it pertains to avoid being attacked:

  • Take the time to learn martial arts and focus on practical forms of self-defense
  • Avoid placing yourself in situations in which you might be a target for a knife attack
  • Be mindful of your environment, particularly when getting money out of the ATM
  • Steer clear of any situations that might lead to a fight
  • Practice knife defense techniques with people of different sizes and skill levels

These are covert, disguised in a comb these knives are perfect for protection in nightclubs and even on the street. A harmless hair care accessory at first sight, this fully functional comb transforms into a knife, but not just any knife. By taking the comb apart, you reveal a 4.25 inch blade made from strong ABS plastic that can deal a great amount of damage to any attacker.

Product Features

• Plastic Comb Knife complete with window breaker/skull crusher
• Legal to carry inside of clubs and on the street
• Made from Hard ABS plastic
• Super sharp
• 6.25 Inches overall length

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