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950,000 Volts Stun Gun Walking Cane

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Quick Overview

A texturized rubber grip provides solid support while you trek your way through the wilderness. For added security, there's a removable reflective band on the staff. With the Hike 'n Strike, not only will you see and be seen, but you'll also feel good knowing you can hike worry-free with your new, all-inclusive hiking staff.

The ZAP™ Hike 'n Strike™ is a multi-talented hiking staff that features a 950,000-volt stun device with spiked electrodes so you'll never forget to bring safety accessories on your adventure. And if you start losing sun, don't fret-- there's also a flashlight built right in.

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Question: How much body weight can this cane handle?

Answer: Don't have an exact weight but I am about 210 and it handles me fine.

Question: Is it rechargeable?

Answer: No, the batteries are a long lasting CR123 lithium, which can last up to a year or more. However, the battery life depends on many factors such as the flashlight use and the test firing of the stun mode.  You should be able to test fire on stun mode at least 400 to 500 times before the batteries need replaced.

Question: how heavy is the cane, and of what material?

Answer: Very light and very strong aircraft aluminum. Packs a punch. I carry it for walks in the country and am very happy with it.

Question: Would it be long enough to use on snakes?

Answer: Yes, I think It would work fine on snakes.

Question: What’s the amperage and Voltage?

Answer: 950,000 stun device incorporated into the handle for built-in security or 4.6 milliamps.

Question: Would this work on a pit bull who was attacking another dog?

Answer:  The noise that the zapper makes would scare the crap out of a dog. I got to tell you, I hike all the time, and bit a couple of times by dogs. One lady told me that her dog was the friendliest dog in the world and wouldn't harm a flea. Then the dog proceeded to take a hunk outa my leg.  Should have sued but they were very helpful in providing vet records to save me from a series of uncomfortable rabies shots. Anyway, this product seems very well made, has several features like the taser and also a flashlight that's decent. Stick isn't too heavy as I originally thought. I've never hiked with a stick but always thought it would be nice to hold onto something for a little extra stability and security.

Question: Will it work in rain or moist conditions?

Answer: Yes

Question: How many volts and amps?

Answer: 950,000 volts and 4.6 milliamps.

Question: Is it universal or ambidextrous for either hand?

Answer: Absolutely, right or left.

Question: Is it retractable?

Answer: It is adjustable and can retract to about a 29 in length and extends to 59 inches.

Question: How do you access the stun button? Do you have to pull the cane apart? Is it difficult for those with weak hands? Can it be done quickly?

Answer: Push two buttons, no need to pull the cane apart, not difficult at all and very quick and easy.

Question: Will it be good for killing scorpions?

Answer: Yes, smash them or zap them!

Question: My biggest concern is mountain lions and I also hike on snow packed trails. Is this device a good fit?

Answer: If a mountain lion is this close to you, I don't think this would "save" you. Pepper spray and/or a firearm (if you know how to use them) would be better. However, if this is your only line of defense against a mountain lion then by all means, uses it.


  • Expandable hiking staff - a must-have for wilderness lovers everywhere
  • Great for camping, hiking, or everyday walking
  • 950,000 stun device incorporated into the handle for built-in security or 4.6 milliamps
  • Features ZAP™ patented EXTREME Spike Electrodes for added safety
  • Includes flashlight with removable cap for covering stun device when not in use
  • Rubber non-slip handle for secure grip
  • Removable reflective band for greater visibility
  • Weight: 18 oz. with batteries
  • Includes: Three (3) lithium CR123A batteries
  • Includes: Wrist strap
  • Includes: Extra end cap
  • Includes: Removable reflective band
  • ZAP™ exclusive EXTREME Spike Electrodes Patent # USD 680, 188S
  • 2-year warranty

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