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Wireless Indoor Outdoor Siren

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Quick Overview

It has 3 alarm functions siren + signal light, signal light only, siren only, delay timer 0-10s. It can be used as a siren alarm with the HA-SYSTEM. The Siren can also be used as a stand-alone siren by connecting up to 8 additional sensors, HA-MOTION, HA-SENSOR, HA-MOTION-OD.

To use as a stand alone system you will need to purchase an (HA-REMOTE) to arm and disarm the siren.  Once one of these sensors detects motion it will sound the alarm.  The siren has an automatic shut off. Every 30 seconds the alarm will turn on and off once the alarm is triggered until its reset. The siren comes with power adaptor and wall mount. It will work with 4 AAA batteries (not included).

The Wireless Outdoor Siren has a 120db high output alarm.

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Question: Can I connect the same remote to multiple sirens?

Answer: Yes, product comes with instructions for keying one remote to multiple sirens.

Question: Is it possible to turn the flasher off? If I only want the noise?

Answer: Yes, there is a three-position switch at the bottom of the unit under a rubber cover. The choices are sound, sound & flash, flash.

Question: Do I need to hook this siren up to an alarm system or can I use it with just the remote feature?

Answer: You can use it with just the remote feature. No alarm system required.

Question: How far away can someone hear the siren?

Answer: It is very loud. We use a set of 4 to cover an 8000-sf daycare facility with two separate buildings, all keyed to a single panic button, A second location used three of them set up the same way. We use them to trigger emergency drills. They can hear them without difficulty throughout the property, and outside as well.

Question: How long will the alarm sound once triggered?

Answer: Once the alarm activates it will last 30 seconds then turn off and on repeating until you reset the device. Question: Will this siren work with Adecco / Honeywell lynx wireless l7000 alarm panel? Answer: The siren HomeSafe works only with HomeSafe series wireless devices, other devices are not compatible.

Question: Are the sensors motion sensitive? I would like to use this outside of a garage that does not have a door to detect anyone approaching the garage.

Answer: Yes, however you must purchase the sensors separately or as a package. I love mine. It is LOUD and will work well outside of a garage.

Question: Can I hardwire this siren?

Answer: No, sorry you cannot hardwire the device.

Question: Will this siren work on the roof of an RV if I use silicone to seal? I will only use it with the panic remote. Should I position it cone down?

Answer: Yes! Shouldn't be a problem. No need to position the cone down.

Question: Is this 110 volts or dual voltage 110 V to 220 V?

Answer: It is dual voltage. Plus, it operates on 4 triple A batteries.

Question: Is the HomeSafe Siren Worth the money?

Answer: Great Security product! Using it with Ideal Security HomeSafe Wireless Motion Sensors and unit. Easy to program and pair up remote to siren. This is not an expensive system but great product for the price. You can add multiple sensors and sirens with ease. Easy to identify that the system is armed or disarmed. I use this system to protect garage and items inside without the cost of a monthly bill. The motion detectors work great.

Question: Will this alarm/siren work as well as expensive alarm systems?

Answer: This device reacts INSTANTLY. I wonder why so many other security alerts won't allow instant response? Unlike other similar products, I haven't had any false alarms yet and I love that I can turn off and on for the whole house with one remote button (for this you need to buy the motion detectors for each room separately), and at least one to set off the siren. To arm the system there is a loud 3-beep (pause) one-beep to arm sequence and one loud beep to disarm.

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