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Wireless Magnetic Door Alarm

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Quick Overview

What Is A Magnetic Window And Door Alarm?

The wireless window and door alarms are useful in environments such as hotels, homes, offices, sliding doors, doors, windows, refrigerators and storage units. These magnetic alarms are designed to protect a variety of people such as adults, children, Alzheimer Patients, mental illness patients and all family members in a household.



This compact, attractive Magnetic Door Alarm by SafeFamilyLife uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren.

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 Where Can Wireless Alarms Be Used?

 Wireless alarms can be used in just about every accessory in a home, hotel or office environment. They are easily attached to cabinets, storage rooms, refrigerators, garages, windows and doors. These magnetic alarms can alert you in the way of protecting children from harm when they are trying to get out of your home without you knowing it.

 How Do Door And Window Alarms Work?

These alarms are designed to let off a beeping sound as the door or window is opened and will end once the window or door is closed. This means that if an intruder has gained access to your home the warning sound acts as a deterrent. In addition, you are alerted when your child has opened a door or window when they are not supposed to.

 Who Would Use Wireless Security?

The wireless alarms are the ideal accessory when you are concerned about the safety of your children and can contribute to the safety of your family members. Once a door or window has been opened, the alarm activates a continuous beeping sound until such stage that the door is closed again. These alarms can be used on any cabinets, refrigerators or any doors that you do not want your children to access.


Does The Door Alarm Have Loud Piercing Sound?

 These alarms reverberate at a piercing 110db which can be compared to the level of sound you may hear at a rock concert. If you happen to be near to the alarm once it has been activated you would typically cover your ears due to the loudness of the alarm. This intense sound was designed with the purpose of dissuading attackers or intruders. However, it is important to keep in mind that the sound of the alarm in other areas of the home will vary according to quantity of the doors or walls between your alarm and how far away you happen to be. You may not be able to hear the alarm if you are on another level in your home.

 How Hard Is It To Install A Wireless Alarm?

The wireless alarms are very easy to install and all that is needed is to attach the device to a window or door using double-sided stick tape. Make sure that the 2 sets are within a ½ inch to one another and that the 2 small arrows unite. When it comes to doors you may be required to rotate the sets upside down and place the larger piece to the right-side. For safety reasons, the alarm should be placed high enough up so that children are unable to activate the chime-switch.

 Can Parents Of Special Needs Benefit Using A Door And Window Alarm?

The wireless window and door alarms are extremely useful for the parents of special needs, down syndrome and autistic children. This type of alarm sounds off a warning when the child is trying to exit the home and in many cases the piercing sound of the alarm will prevent the child from going out of the door.

 How Can I Keep Someone With Alzheimer's Safe?

These magnetic alarms are also useful for keeping adults safe that may be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The alarm can alert others in the home when the person is trying to leave the home, When activated these alarms will continue to let off a piercing sound that typically dissuades intruders or unauthorized access to occupants in the home, office or hotel.


  • The base of the alarm is attached to door or window frame
  • The actuator is connected to the window or door.
  • The alarm is activated by opening the door or window.
  • Great for any door or window, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors.
  • Requires three lithium button cell batteries (included).
  • This unit has a disarm key to activate the unit instead of an on/off switch.
  • This prevents the alarm being easily disarmed.
  • The only way to disarm the unit is to insert the disarm key.

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