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Pocket Pepper Spray

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Quick Overview

Can Defense Spray Help To Protect My Family?

Many people expect to feel safe in their own homes, but the harsh reality is that crime is everywhere and the demands in protecting our families and ourselves has increased. Fortunately, today there are a variety of self-defense products on the markets. One of the more popular devices would have to be the Mace Defense Sprays which could be the ideal solution for your needs.


Mace® Pocket Model 10% Pepper Gard® Superior formula of high-grade OC pepper designed to make the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.

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What Is Mace Compact Defense Spray?

The Mace Pocket Defense Spray is a type of aerosol device that can be used to ward off an attacker temporarily. The product known as Mace was first manufactured by the company known as Lake Erie Chemical which was a part of Chemical Mace that used to be one of the divisions of Smith & Wesson in the year 1962. The company is now registered under the company known as Mace Security International. These mace pepper sprays have been recognized and branded as a dependable product for protection in association to personal-defense.

The latest modifications of the mace pepper sprays now include ease-of-use and an easy grip. The bottle has been created in such as a way that it can easily be carried in a purse or pocket and is also conveniently light weight. There is no time to waste when you are under attack and this 18-gram unit can be used effectively from about 6 to 12 feet. The bottle contains as much as 10 one-second bursts and also features a secure-lock in order to avoid accidents. The product is non-lethal and is designed not to cause permanent or serious damage.

How Do Mace Sprays Work?

Once the mace spray has been sprayed in the direction of the attackers, face, they will instantly experience burning sensations to the skin, throat and eyes. The chemical make-up of CN Tear Gas, OC Pepper and the UV Marking Dye causes the eyes to instantly shut while causing difficulties in breathing causing the person to choke and cough. When you use the "Triple Action Model" your attacker will be marked with a dye which will assist later in identifying the attacker once apprehended. These defense devices are designed to allow the victim sufficient time in order to run away or escape.

Many people when faced with a dangerous situation are known to panic and become confused. As hard as it maybe you should attempt to stay cautious and alert as it becomes difficult to think clearly when you under attack. If you happen to be walking on your own in an unknown area or dark street and a person suddenly appears with the intention of attacking you, you will need to act fast in a calm manner. With a Mace Defense Spray you can quickly respond to the attacker. Be sure that the nozzle is facing your attacker, hold your breath and spray. The second the formula reaches the attackers face, it is your time to run away and locate the necessary authorities.

In certain states, these types of defense sprays have been legalized which means civilians are permitted to use them. It is best to find out about the local laws in your area before buying a Mace spray. In certain locations, the Mace Pocket Defense Spray or the pepper sprays are legal, however, it may be dependent on factors such as the OC concentration, the size and age restrictions.

What Features Can I Expect To Get With Defense Sprays?

These devices come with a flip-top cap to prevent accidental discharge and feature the finger-grip dispenser that contributes to an easy way to find the grip when it is dark. They also come with built-in belt clips and key rings which means you can attach it to your keys or even to your belt for the easiest access. These Mace sprays are also available in various prices, modifications and sizes. Specific models used by individuals such as law enforcement include a brand such as Mace Triple Action models which includes a mixture of tear gas, marking dye and pepper.

Even with the protection of a Mace spray, avoid dark alley ways and streets, particularly when you are on your own. Rather choose the safer routes and stick to streets that have been well lit or areas that are crowded. It is also important that your Mace Defense Spray is accessible at all times. It is important to realize that time is very important especially in a dangerous situation. Be aware of people that are around you when you are out in public and be on the look-out for suspicious or malicious behavior.

Is This Law Enforcement Mace?

Yes this is comparable to what police use. A device such as Mace Pepper spray may be small and inconspicuous but could be just the right tool to get you out of a dangerous situation or even save your life. Make sure when you buy your own Mace Pepper Spray that you know how to use it and that you keep it on you in a safe and accessible place such as a pocket, or attached to your belt or keys.


  • Easy aim feature makes this model ideal for emergency use
  • Compact design and finger-grip dispenser fit comfortably in woman's hand
  • 15 gram unit sprays 6-12 feet. Contains 5 one second bursts.

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