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SaberCut Chainsaw

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Quick Overview

The SaberCut Chainsaw is a heavy-duty cutting tool that is great for camping or emergency situations.

It easily saws through trees and limbs and features comfortable wrist straps for less stress on your hands. The flexible 24" blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance. The SaberCut Chainsaw sharpens with a standard 1/8" saw blade sharpener and lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance. It can be extended simply by adding extra cordage to each handle and has self-cleaning saw teeth.

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Question: I would like to add rope for limbs 30 feet high. I'm guessing this is ok?

Answer: I got up pretty high, about 20 feet. I got a cheap bow at Dicks - 15 lb.- used Mason Twine - regular string breaks when caught. I put in S-hooks replacing the factory ones - they caught a few times and it was pretty hard getting them unstuck when it is that high. I bought 100 feet of 80lb test rope and put in through the s-hook - tied the know about 1 foot from the end (snag-free) and crushed the s-hook ends on the rope. WORKED GREAT. The saw will work its way down if you try to do it alone on more vertical branches. Two people make it easier to cut - it takes some practice to work as a team - and it is MUCH safer because you are not cutting over your head. It gives you time to move if the branch comes towards you. Patience is a must - don't try to cut to deep. That said, I cut branches up to 7 - 8 inches in diameter on a large Maple I was taking down next to my house. I used that saw to down every small and large branches that were over 10 feet from the ground. It took time but it works well. Long answer but the saw works with reasonable effort. It was amazing that when you get the rhythm right how fast it cuts.

Question: Does this come with care instructions? (how to clean and oil)

Answer: Yes, very detailed instructions.

Question: It says it weighs 4.8 ounces, is that true?

Answer: That seems to be about right. It is a person propelled saw, not a power saw. Two handles on either end does the trick.

Question: What’s the largest diameter tree this can cut? 

Answer: Well I don't cut trees with it. I usually cut dead pieces of wood. And I personally don't cut anything larger than 6-7 inches in diameter. Anything more would require a lot of energy and effort. However, that's not to say it's impossible to cut anything larger.

Question: How would you even sharpen this?

Answer:  You can sharpen this saw with an inexpensive regular 5/32 or 4mm round chainsaw file that you can buy at any hardware store. There are plenty of videos online to show you exactly how to do this properly.

Question: Any tricks to keep it from binding up 1/2 way through a limb or trunk? 

Answer: Keep the blade on the upper side of the limb same rules as a powered saw or you will bind it up also lube the chain with oil or lube.

Question: How do you hold the chain fixed so it doesn't move when you are trying to run the file thru it?

Answer: I place mine in a vice on my work bench when I sharpen it. It’s the safest way that I know of. I hope this helps!

Question: How are the blades facing? Does it cut in both direction you pull?

Answer: Yes, it cuts in both directions.

Question: What is the length of the chain? I'm surprised that isn't in their description.

Answer: It is 25 inches long. It may seem short but it does the job better than the other types. I cut down at ground level 13 trees whose bases were 6 to 8 inches thick. Mine is very sharp. I would like to know though, how one sharpens them. The SaberCut saw offers you a flexible blade for cutting from a variety of angles and in places where you have little clearance. The 24-inch flexible blade designed to ensure a smooth, fast action. Unlike a standard chain saw blade which only cuts in one direction, the patented SaberCut blade cuts in both directions resulting in more efficient and less strenuous cutting. In addition, the cutting teeth are self-cleaning and require little maintenance beyond standard care and occasional sharpening. When sharpening is needed, you can use a standard chain saw blade sharpener (1/8").

Comment: I can't believe this worked. 230am my wife is heading off to work. It's been raining all day the prior day. She wakes me up telling me a tree has fallen. And it's blocking the drive way. Now I'm not talking about a big tree but big enough that I can't move on my own. After trying to figure out how to move this big tree out of the way I remember that I had just purchased this SaberCut chain saw. Now mind you I never thought I was going to use it to cut a big branch. The most I thought I was going to use it for was to cut a couple of 1-inch thick branches for firewood. Did I say WOW.... This SaberCut chain saw did the job on a thick 7+ inch branch. Again, never did I ever think it would do the job


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