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Light Up Shoe Clip

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Quick Overview

Where Can I Buy Attachable Running Lights?

That time of year has come when it seems that running in the dark happens more often, whether you happen to be running later at night or early in the morning.  And with all those family life responsibilities, basically times for running are limited to late after sunset or early in the morning before going to work.  This basically means that during the winter most running is done at night. For some people, it means running outside coming to an end and spending more time running on a treadmill.  However, it isn't necessary to do that.  By making just a couple of personal safety adjustments, and by using shoe safety lights it is possible to keep running your regular trails or neighborhoods, even when it is dark.


Safe Steps clip on to the back of any shoe in seconds and provide visibility when walking, running or bike riding at night.

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Are Shoe Lights For Running?

When you are running at night it is very important to stick to familiar and well-lit areas.  Try running on routes that you are very familiar with.  Trying to explore unfamiliar terrain when it is dark can result in injuries.  Cracks in pavement, sticks and stones, small potholes and uneven sidewalks can cause embarrassing falls and twisted ankles.  Don't cause your winter running to be set back by a serious injury.

Even when running in areas that are familiar to you, at some you will likely end up stepping on something unexpectedly.  While I was running at night a few days ago, it had rained over the past several days, however the roads were dry.  I forgot all about the soggy ground since I had been running on the dry asphalt. As I went around a curve, I stepped into a big puddle of mud. I was fortunately running in my old running shoes.  I returned to the path and continued with my pace.  Remember that when you are running after dark to keep your weight onto the balls of your feet and also be ready to react to any foot strikes that are unexpected.  
While you are running, pay close attention to the ground that is front of you and not as much on your tempo.  With a slower pace, it makes it easier to react to any surprises you encounter.  It is a lot more important to finish your workout without getting injured than it is keeping the same pace that you use during the day.  On darker parts of the road, slow down to save speed work for areas that are better lit.  

Do Clip On Heel Lights Stay Secure?

When running at night, you should wear shoe safety lights and always be concerned with your personal safety since you won't always be able to see people who are hidden in areas that are dark.  Tell someone where you are going to be running and when you are expecting to return.  Run with a friend or dog if possible.Whenever I am running close to the street, I prefer running against traffic. That way I am able to watch the approaching traffic, instead of letting it come up from behind me.  You won't have a chance if a distracted driver or drunk veers off of the read from behind you in your direction.

Will I Be Visible to Drivers with LED Safety Shoe Clip?

It is very hard for drivers to see runners.  You might have been able to adjust to the dark, however a driver might be distracted by the oncoming lights' glare. A driver might not be looking in the area illuminated by their headlights that is in front of them. The light inhibits drivers from being able to develop good night vision.  Therefore you, or other objects that are on the side of the road, will be hard to see and appear extra dark.  The best bet you have for safety is wearing reflective gear and bright clothing.  The following is the night gear that I recommend.     

Additional Safety Tips:

  • Reflective Vest: A majority of vests are lightweight and will over whatever top you are wearing to provide you with high visibility.  For most sizes, it is easy to adjust the zipper or Velcro straps and zipper combination.
  • Headlamp: Some gave me a headlight.  It has come in very handy and was a great gift.  It is powerful enough for cutting through the darkness, which lets me see the path still while keeping my pace.  The new lightweight models can be clipped to your visor or hat and you will barely notice that it is there.  
  • Flashing Light: This type of light is lightweight, effective and bright to really make you stand out.  Wear white or clear lights on the front part of your body and red flashing ones on your back.  It will help fellow runners and drivers know which direction you are running in well before they are able to actually see you.  You will feel safer wearing them when you are running in the dark.


  • Safe Steps operate in blinking or steady-on modes.
  • These shoe safety lights convert all running shoes (and many types of other shoes) into instantly noticeable safety lights at night.
  • They're the perfect clip on lights for walking your pets at night too.
  • When it's so important to be seen from behind during nighttime hours, these convenient and affordable lights can save lives.
  • Our shoe safety lights operate on 2 CR2016 Lithium batteries (included and installed) and are ready to wear right away. 

•Available In Blue, Red, White, Green, Yellow, Pink

•Weather Resistant

•Fits Just About Any Type and Size of Shoe Even Most Kid Sizes

•Flashing and Steady-On Modes

•Great for Campground

*Each Package Contains 1 Unit so you can mix and match colors. 

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