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Slider 10 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight Black

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Quick Overview

The Slider Is A 10 Million Volt Stun Gun With Flashlight is a little self-protection gadget that resembles a standard flash drive. Although this sun gun flashlight looks precisely like a customary flash drive, it will shock your aggressor with 10,000,000 volts of devastating electrical power. The Slider is a minimized and amazingly solid self-protection device that measures 3" by 1" by 1/2" so you can without much of a stretch disguise it in the palm of your hand. You basically need to slide the switch forward utilizing your thumb to dump 4.9 milliamps of electrical power into the attacker's body, and they'll drop to the ground in a split second and begin encountering horrifying agony.

Introducing the Black SLIDER! The miniature self defense stun gun flashlight!

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 When you discharge the thumb switch, it will withdraw effortlessly, and you can advance toward security. The Slider produced using aircraft aluminum of the most elevated quality, and it includes a LED spotlight and wrist strap. How about we investigate components of the Slider 10 Million Volt Immobilizer Spotlight in detail and a portion of the variables that make it the most imaginative and one of a kind self-protection weapon.

The slider is a profoundly masked immobilizer that incapacities simply like a consistent immobilizer. It's a profoundly compelling non-deadly self-preservation weapon that is, for the most part, intended to paralyze and incidentally debilitate an aggressor by conveying 10 million volts of power into their muscles. The principle distinction between a hidden and a standard immobilizer is the way it looks.

Most attackers depend on shocking their victims, however they don't expect any surprises themselves. Subsequently, with a hidden self-preservation weapon the aggressor won't be as fierce or protective when drawing nearer you. The Slider gives you an extraordinarily preferred standpoint since it will be less demanding to utilize it against any individual who assaults you.

Your Self-Defense Weapon Goes Wherever You Go Even In Broad Daylight

On the off chance that you convey the stun gun, you may get some odd looks depending upon where you go or live. It applies specifically if your neighborhood does not have much crime and individuals in such towns may significantly think of you as bizarre only to be readied. The slider helps you maintain a strategic distance from this issue. No one will consider it odd in case you're just conveying a flash drive.

Planning for assaults without attracting pointless regard for yourself, and you'll never stress over unusual looks from other individuals simply because you need to improve your own security.

The Intensity Of 10 Million Volts Of Stopping Power

With 10,000,000 volts, the Slider is an intense device equipped for halting even the greatest or most horrible aggressor. Although this power will weaken them briefly, it won't bring on any permanent harm, and you won't need to live with the way that you impaired somebody for all time like you would with a gun.

 Simple And Safe To Utilize For Defensive Purposes

The slide is both sheltered and simple to utilize since you just need to push the thumb-change to administer the electric charge. Likewise, you can't release the electrical vitality into your body unintentionally while carrying the slider. It takes the part of a second to utilize this hidden self-preservation weapon since the catch is anything but difficult to situate without fumbling about.


At just 3" by 1" by 1/2", the Slider is littler than most traditional stun devices. In this way, you can continually bring it along notwithstanding when leading your typical everyday exercises.

Convenient Wrist Strap Helps To Secure The Stunning Device

Other than the undeniable capacity of guaranteeing you never lose the gadget, the wrist strap is an awesome element since it likewise guarantees that you'll never desert it. In this way, you'll never go after the Slider just to understand that you neglected to bring it along when you require it most. You can likewise join it to your keys so you can rapidly go after it when required.

Rechargeable And Long Lasting Battery Life

The Slider 10 Million Volt flashlight stun gun highlights a smaller than normal USB quick charging port, a charger, and a charging cord. You can rapidly charge your stun gun from most PDA chargers.

The LED Spotlight Is Exceptionally Bright

The electric lamp is exceptionally valuable for blinding aggressors incidentally, lighting your way through dull rear ways or discovering objects. The spotlight will likewise perplex the aggressor briefly so you can utilize the stagger highlight even more effectively.

The Slider is a hidden non-deadly self-preservation weapon that is extremely valuable for any individual who needs some individual insurance. It is accessible in five distinct hues, and it will keep you secured always without drawing pointless attention.


Comes Complete With:

  • LED flashlight. 
  • Wrist strap.
  • Made from the highest quality aircraft aluminum.
  • SLIDER is available in 5 colors.


  • Quick charging mini-usb port.
  • Can be conveniently charged from most cell phone chargers. 

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