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Digital High Frequency Bug Detector

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Quick Overview

Are You Being Bugged?

In today's market, there are a number of low cost devices that are available that make it very easy for somebody to listen, watch and record private conversations of yours.  Audio Bugs and Hidden Cameras may easily be purchased at local toy stores or online. You might be wondering why somebody would want to place a hidden camera or bug inside your place of business or home.  There are several different reasons or situations where the potential of somebody bugging us can be high.

This hand-held radio frequency counter is compact, truly pocket-sized, versatile test instrument designed for measuring any digital, on/off keying or analog signal on frequencies between 30 MHz and 2.8 GHz.

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Is A High End Frequency Digital Counter Bug Detector Able To Find Bugs?

When thinking of Bug Detectors usually most of us think about the process of locating crawling creepy pests that might be living on our front porch, under the bed or on the kitchen floor.  We all are aware of the fact that the creeping pests can potentially be a nuisance and just thinking about them can cause your skin to crawl. However, this isn't the kind of Bug Detector or Bug that we are referring to right now. 

The Bug Detector that we are discussing is a device that is used for finding audio bugs, hidden cameras, GPS real time tracking devices and listening devices that might be attempting to invade your personal privacy currently. 

For instance, that might include some of the following situations.  You might be going through or have a divorce that is pending.  You might have a protracted custody battle on your hands.  You are working on long term projects that need to be kept secret.  Your company might be going public or offering competitive technology.  There might be private investigators who are watching you.  Maybe your boyfriend is jealous or maybe you are very attractive and concerned about a perverted neighbor next door that might get out of hand.

In general bugs and hidden cameras are quite small and may be located and hidden almost anywhere very easily.  They include micro audio bugs as well as wireless and wired cameras or can be as simple and common as a cell phone. 

Where Can I Buy Counter Surveilance Equipment?

You can buy and place Hidden Cameras just about any place.  You can install them in your mirror, VCR or light switch.  FM audio bugs are easy to buy and place and are also quite small.  They have been designed so that they transmit over an FM signal, and to hear them you just tune into an FM radio from across the street.

There are a number of different cell phones that come with this option for being called and picking up automatically without you hearing the ringer.  Then the user who is on the other end of the line can hear everything your cell phone hears when it is being used and is live.  All a disgruntled employee would need to do is leave their cell live while in an important meeting where confidential information was being shared so that your competitors could obtain it.

Wireless technology is used by most hidden bugs and cameras to transmit video or audio to a receive.  The signal may then be recorded and viewed.  The power of this signal is going to depend on how far it is being transmitted to the receiver.  There are some devices that can transmit as far away as 3 to 5 miles while other transmit just to the next room.

Obviously, the frequencies cannot be viewed by the naked eye.  However, a surveillance bug detector is able to detect them.  An RF bug detector is just a device used for detecting frequencies that are transmitted using a hidden audio bug, live cell phone, GPS tracking device or wireless camera.  There are several different bug detectors that are available in the marketplace and vary in terms of their quality and price.

What Is A Bugging Detection Device?

Bug detectors are receiving devices.  It one is sensitive it might provide you with a false reading when there is electromagnetic interference.  It might not be able to easily detect a low power transmitter if it isn't sensitive enough.  There are some bug detectors that come equipped with a sensitivity adjustment so that you can get rid of unwanted interference and enable you to close in and locate your target signal's source.  You will want to have a bug detector that has a wide detection range of about 0 to 6 GHz.

Did This Bug Locater Review Well?

It is also important to locate a bug detector that is of good quality and is reasonably price to meet your specific needs, surveillance bug detector received great reviews from customers that have used the product.  There are a number of different key chain detectors that are available if you happen to travel a lot.  They are simple to use and work quite well.  For example, you might want to perform a quick scan before you enter a tanning salon or dressing room.  If you have any serious concerns about security you might want to hire a security professional to conduct a bug sweep of your entire property.

Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger and 7 section telescopic antenna.


  • Impedance: 50 Ohms (BNC Socket) VSWR less than 2.1, Frequency Range: 30 MHz-2.8 GHz, Sensitivity
  • Less than 5 mV, Max input: 15 dBm, Resolution: 10 KHz for digital signals or On/Off Keying & 1 KHz for Analog Signals
  • Time base: Less than 1 PPM at room temperature, Weight: 210g, Size: 80 mm high x 60 mm wide x 31 mm deep, Case
  • Stamped aluminum with black anodized finish, Batter: Internal 4 x AA 600 mAH NiCd pack, Power: 9VDC 300 mA


  • 7 digit Liquid Crystal Display, Frequency counter for digital
  • On/off keying and analog signals with a minimum pulse width of 250 uS
  • Ultra sensitive synchronous detector - 16 section bargraph to show RF signal strength (-35dBm to 0 dBm)
  • Two range positions the 1 GHz position for frequencies between 30 MHz and 1 GHz and the 2.8 GHz position for frequencies between 500 MHz and 2.8 GHz.
  • Squelch adjustment for input signals, Hold switch to lock display, Low battery indicator
  • Vibrating alert, Low power consumption (Average 5 hour battery life)
  • Supplied with NiCd pack, AC wall charger and telescopic antenna (143 MHz to 460 MHz)

1 Year Warranty

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