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Practice Pepper Spray

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Practice Pepper Spray


It goes without saying that practice makes perfect, and this rings true with the use of pepper spray and other defense products. We take the time to practice with our knives, firearms and hand combat. However, we often forget about taking the time to practice the use of pepper spray. Think about what would happen if you are driving on a day where the weather is nice enough that you decide to roll down your windows to enjoy the fresh air. You come to a traffic light to stop and while you are waiting for the light change, someone comes up to your vehicle to attempt a car-jacking. Having a pepper spray product handy will help you to react quickly and hopefully spray the assailant right in the eyes. Because you were ready for it and you took the time to practice with the defensive spray that gives you a two-ounce stream of product, you were able to get away safely. However, this is not a scenario that is all that common.



The 1/2 Ounce Stream Water Based Inert Practice Defensive Spray uses water instead of pepper spray.

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Statistics Prove I Should  Practice With Inert Spray?

According to the Bureau Of Justice, that statistics that have been reported conclude that: 

  • Rates for carjacking’s were higher on average for the period of time between 1993 and 2002, which ended up being about 2.1 people per 10,000 each year. During the last five years, this rate was 1.3 per 10,000.
  • The victimization rates for carjacking were the highest in the urban areas, followed closely by suburban and rural areas. 93% of the carjacking’s took place in the cities or the suburbs.

 What Are Some Other Stats? 

LawFirms reported some of the following statistics:

  •  In 74% of carjacking victimizations, a weapon was used.
  • A firearm was used in 45% of the carjacking’s
  • Knife were used in 11% and then other weapons were 18%.

With the rise in carjacking numbers, the federal government came in and passed a law back in 1992 that states if a death happens as the result of such a crime, it is looked upon as a capital crime. Due to the rise in the use of weapons for these crimes, the government felt it was necessary to jump into action to help protect citizens. Roughly 90% of the carjacking’s that were attempted involved a weapon of some kind.


Has Carjacking Crime Increased?

This is a crime that has become one of the top across the nation and the number of incidents reported has risen to about 49,000 each year according to the Department of Justice. 92% of the carjacking attempts were made when the person is actually alone in their car.The areas where such attempts had been made are more often in business location parking lots, intersections where someone stops at a signal, apartments and at schools.

When Searching For A Victim, What Does A Carjacker Look For?

  • Darker areas where there are fewer people.
  • Someone who is an easy target.
  • People that seem to be weaker and who may not fight.


Order your very own Water Based Inert Practice Spray for self-defense so that you can be prepared.


They are pressurized with nitrogen. Their purpose is to be used as a practice spray instead of wasting a real pepper spray. They will enable the user to get proficient at using a defense spray.


  • Do not spray on anyone or yourself. 
  • Sprays to do any permanent harm to anyone
  • Nitrogen can cause some skin irritation or burning if sprayed in the eyes.

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