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Commando Wire Saw

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Quick Overview

Should All Survival Kits Should Have A Wire Saw?

When putting together a survival kit there are many items to consider and one of the most important items is often overlooked, a wire saw. Since we're talking about survival kits, a wire saw is a must to cut wood for fires, make splints or to build shelter.So, If you’re looking for a lightweight yet tough Wire Saw, you've come to the right place. In this type of situation, a survival kit is there to help you survive and attract a rescuer's attention. With those goals in mind, the recommended kit has options for you to either purchase proprietary equipment or home-made equipment that can be just as effective but either free or less expensive, which is very important in these tough economic times.  I will be describing a generic all-weather survival kit.  You should of course use common sense, especially if you are planning to be in extreme conditions.  The Arctic and Sahara require different approaches than a charity trek in the Pyrenees across the Freedom Trail or a camping trip in the North American wilderness. 



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When Putting Together A Survival Kit Is A Wire Saw Necessary?

It is a good idea to consider having an emergency charger/battery for your mobile phones.  If you do decide to carry one make sure you update it every time you upgrade your phone.  It isn't possible to make these on your own (unless you happen to be an electronic engineer) however there are a number of different inexpensive generic models that are available. 

What Are The Essentials For A Survival Kit?

It is always worth it to have a signaling mirror.  It carries across several miles, even when there are low light conditions.  Glass mirrors break too easily, so don't get them.  Instead, get steel ones.  If you would like to go the home-made route, a sheet of metal can be used (or if you are going to use tin, the inside lid on your survival kit).  To obtain a mirror polish, rub it with either an auto color restorer or valve grinding compound.

Hi vision tape can be used for creating words (SOS or HELP) or to make direction markers.  You can find it in hardware stores.   

Strange as it might sound, having a bright colored kite in the shape of a modern parachute is another good way of attracting attention when you are in a rural area.  Pocket kites are sold by most gadget shops and toy shops for a couple of dollars.  They fold up very small and there are ideal to place into a survival kit.

Another good way to attract attention is to use smoke.  So you will need to have good fire making equipment as well as a working knowledge of which fuels are good for making smoke; damp leaves and damp smoke make good smoke, in addition to many plastic.  The smoke can be either white or black, as long as it's thick even to be visible. 

Now let's take a closer look at the items that are worth carrying with you to help keep you alive; you're going to need first aid, water and heat.   Fire helps you stay warm and also may help you with attracting attention, purifying water and eating.  You will need to carry something with you to start your fire with.  Packing a disposable lighter is the easiest option.  Purists might not care for it, but honestly it is fine to drop a few principles when you are just trying to survive.  To be more authentic you can use weatherproof matches instead or make your own by dipping the head of non-safety matches into melted candle wax.  You can also pick up a 'flint and steel" at about any camping shop if you'd like to take the approach of the cave man survivalist.  One will last several years long than a disposable gaslight, so it's a great thing to have if you even up getting stranded on a desert island.  Getting a spark is just half the battle.  You'll also need to have something that will burn hot and quickly.  The best thing to use is lighter fluid unless you want to learn all about shaved birch bark.  Sometimes you can purchase small rubber pods of lighter fluid that you squirt onto the main fuel to start a fire quickly.  Or in case that fails have a small atomizer full of lighter fluid.   Since a tampon is made out of highly compressed cotton wool, you can use it as tinder once it is teased out.   

You will need to have the ability to carry and collect water, and also purify it so that it is drinkable. A couple of basic part balloons make great water carriers, particularly when you pack a few of those clips that are used on freezer bags in order to seal the balloons with (it is okay to tie a knot on top of a balloon however, it is nearly impossible to unit knots in balloon rubber.)  Some people claim that condoms work better, however there are two big disadvantages; first of all, they cost more; and second, they have a tendency to come with lubricant or spermicide which will ruin the flavor of your drinking water.   You can purchase purification tablets at most camping stores, or you can get purification straws, but they are expensive. Water can also be boiled in your survival kit's tin in order to sterilize it.  You can use a thin sheet of polythene that is around two feet square to either build a survival still or to collect rainwater.   

When it comes to first aid, I strongly recommend that you take a short course immediately, even if all you do is purchase a DVD for a few dollars and watch it for an hour; you never know when you'll need to save your children, partner or spouse's life at home or even out in the boondocks!  Have needles and thread packed inside your survival kit (it is not only a first aid essential but also a repair essential to mend clothes).   It may help if somebody hears you screaming as you are dabbing it onto your blisters or cuts.  It is also worth it to have a pair of tweezers with you for removing debris in wounds.  You can also use a tampon as cotton wool for treating small injuries. With a puncture wound, you can insert the entire thing in order to staunch the loss of blood.  Some salt packets or sugar packets or lumps that you can get from take-out stores are critical for replacing losses from your body in case you get diarrhea.      

Why Would I Use A Tree Cable Saw?

Use a stainless wire saw to cut stretcher bars, splints for broken bones, shelter supports in the event you become stranded and need to camp out until help arrives and last but not least to cut  firewood to provide heat and cook food. 


What Other Items Would I Carry In My Pack? 

  • A small sized guide for useful things like building a shelter, constructing a survival still, first aid and Morse code.  Create one, reduce it down to small type and then print it out on thin paper.  
  • A magnifying glass.  It can be a credit card style flat plastic one; these are light and small, and can be used for reading your guides from (a) above, and to focus the rays of the sun to get a fire started or to spot graves, barbs and stings in wounds.  Quite often they are available from bookstores and opticians as free gifts, or you can also use a small glass one that you get at a toy store.  
  • A knife; anything sharp that fits inside your kit should work.  You do want something that you can shave bark for your kindling or cutting string with rather than being able to chop a tree down.  A short vegetable knife or single edge razor blade is ideal.  
  • Around 20 feet worth of thin nylon string.  You won't be scaling cliffs with it, but it will come in handy for replacing boot laces, or making a snare trap, a splint or a shelter.
  • A small key ring torches that is around the size of a coin.  One that has a red LED is especially good.  Usually you can buy one for a few dollars at a gas station.   

Notice we don't have a compass on our list. When you are in a survival situation such as this the best thing for you to do is stay where you and try to attract attention to yourself.  If you don't know where you are or don't have a map, a compass isn't worth much.  A compass can be useful if you look a map before you go and know that can go south to reach a major road, for example.

Finally, make sure you don't pack it in your canoe stow bay, bike pannier or rucksack.  You should put it into your pants pocket instead.  That way even if you end up losing everything else you will have your survival kit still.  And of course, if you lose everything else that's when you are really going to need it the most.


What Is A Wire Saw?

Wire sawing was first used by hunters and those living in the outskirts of the city as a survivalist gear to cut off branches in order to clear pathways. In the past, wire sawing is done by just a simple wire that is rotated manually by the person to cut wood or branches. Not to mention, a stainless wire saw is often necessary to cut stretcher bars, splints, shelter supports and firewood.

  • 21″ stainless wire saw has swivel points for easy handling
  • Even a lightweight backpacker shouldn’t skip adding this to his or her pack
  • It cuts through logs and branches with ease and is Ideal for a number of survival uses.
  • The wire saw is lightweight and coils to fit into small pockets and it's made out of Stainless steel.

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