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Wireless Safety Alert & Driveway Patrol Alarm

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Quick Overview

Once movement is detected the alarm will turn on. The Driveway Patrol Alarm also has a chime mode to alert you as well. This alarm has many functions. It can be used to let you know when a child is leaving the home. It can be used to alert store owners when customers arrive. Keep an eye on almost anyone of your assets. You can use multiple units in 1 location. Only 1 sensor can be used per receiver.

Very Easy to Install, portable security wherever you need it; Home, Apartment, Trailer, Boat, Storage, Motor Homes, Camping, Hotel, Attic, Driveway.

This unique passive infrared system concentrates on the protected area you select. Whenever the unit is set with the alarm in the on position, the motion detector will monitor the protected area.

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Question: Can the transmitters and receiver be in different rooms?

Answer: Yes, up to 300ft. I have mine going 50ft and thru several walls.

Question: Should the devices (sender/receiver) remain on always to stay paired? Can I just turn on the units as needed and not have pair them every time?

Answer: I'll leave the master off all the time except when I need it and the sending units seem to work and hook up or pair up each time.

Question: If we lose power and then the power comes back on will the motion detectors automatically connect?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will alarm turn off by itself? After how long?

Answer: Yes, after about 15 seconds.

Question: Are the sensor units water proof?

Answer: Yes – you can use them outside in rain and snow.

Question: I want to install it near the ground next to the door to alert me when my cat wants to come in, before she scratches. Will this work?

Answer: That's exactly what I am using one of the transmitters for. Works great! I have it about 3 inches off the ground outside, up against our sliding glass doors. When the cats enter the line of site of the transmitter, it goes off every time.

Question: Can I place the unit in my car at the end of my driveway?

Answer: Yes, we have used it in our vehicles. Especially like it on vacation when in hotel parking lots. Great security tool.

Question: Does it come with a remote control to arm and disarm?

Answer: No, I keep the box outside as u come in to the carport to know when someone is coming to back door. I keep the other part to it on kitchen counter. It’s very easy to use. Last night when we were cooking out I turned the kitchen unit off because we were going back and forth. Great system. we love it.

Question: Can I add an extra sensor?

Answer: Yes, more than one but the instructions say the limit is 5 sensors for one receiver.

Question: I live in a mobile home that is 80ft in length. I have a shed at each end. If I put one inside each shed will everything work?

Answer: It should. My receiver is inside my house and the sensor is on the garage facing the driveway. It is about 30 feet away with no problem hearing the alarm when a car or people walk up the driveway.

Question: Does this model have several ringtone choices?

Answer: It has 3.

Question: Can receiver be in the living room while the sensor was outside the garage?

Answer: I have my receiver in my dining room and the sensor in my shop have not had any problem My shop is more than 100 feet from house it senses everything. Sometimes false birds high wind hot to cold etc. You should not have a problem in the garage.

Question: What's the radius for movement detection? 45 degrees, 90 degrees, etc.?

Answer: It is 45 degrees for movement detection.

Question: Can I use Panasonic rechargeable aa 750 MH batteries in transmitter? how long would they last?

Answer: Yes, you can use rechargeable batteries. Regular batteries last at about 6 months.

Question: Does receiver have option to just flash led if I want no sounds or alarms?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: How far, in feet, can the senor and receiver be apart?

Answer: Reliable Range is up to 100m/328ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver/alarm/chime) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft to keep you informed and safe.

Question: What does the alarm sound like? I need a pleasant one that won't drive us crazy when activated.

Answer: It has a Hilo Tone that repeats for 3-4 seconds.  The alarm has two volume settings so you decide... We use the lower one when we are inside but if we are wanting to hear it outside we use the louder one and have the windows open. This alarm works well most of the time but we have had to reset it at times as it will stop working. An easy fix and overall not a bad unit for the price.


Including PIR Wireless sensor and receiver
Wireless RF Transmission up to 400 ft
PIR sensor detect motion and trigger receiver turn on alarm or chime
Sound Hi/Low switch
Alarm/Chime/Off Select Switch
PIR wireless sensor 9v battery (not included) operation
Receiver 3C size batteries (not include)
Compatible with DC adapter (not included DC 6V 200mA, 120v 2 flat pin adapter) for receiver unit
Battery low indicator LED for transmitter and receiver
Trigger flash LED
No wiring, easy to install
Water resistant for PIR wireless sensor

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