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Fastest Opening Knife

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What Is Good Knife Defense Strategy?

Over the years, I have finally figured out that the best way to use a knife as a weapon is not one based on a by the numbers method. The entire body needs to be used in the movement, with the knife as a part of the body. The movement has to be able to happen from any position with zero set up. There are five basic principles that go along with any hand weapon; body unity, adaptive movement, sensitivity, loose, and balance. While these principles enhance a hand weapon, the knife none the less has advantages that unarmed combat fighting can't match.



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Do I Need To Use A Lot Of Pressure To Penetrate Flesh?

The first thing to remember is that a knife does not need a lot of pressure to rend flesh. Knives made the entire human body vulnerable, while the use of hands and feet are a lot more limited in the level and range of damage that can be caused. Between ferocity and unpredictability of a knife attack, most unarmed combat against knife self-defense techniques simply is not very useful.

How Do I Defend Myself In The Event I Am Attacked?

Over the course of thousands of forensic crime scene reports and no small amount of personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that the basic and brutal attack methods I learned in my youth from my father and uncles were far more useful and grounded in reality than what I would later find in traditional dojos. Offensive knife methods are generally rendered less lethal with traditional training because patterns become predictable, but that is the subject of an entirely different article. After years of direct work on homicide scenes as a blood stain expert in crimes where knives were used showed me first hand out the basic, seemingly deranged tactics typical of West Virginia knife fighting proved what any trained fighter will tell you; that absolutely no knife attack or even any sort of combat is ever predictable.

Stylized "waving" techniques along with close contact hand against knife methodologies all fail when tested against out of control knife attacker simulations.

While many may be asked if it is better to practice bare handed techniques as if your partner is armed with a blade, the answer is an unequivocal no.

  • One needs to train for maximum efficiency in the actual situation. Empty hands against empty hands is a very specific combat dynamic and require only the most efficient methods and weapons be used, whether they're fists or blades.
  • There is no advantage against bare handed attacks if you purely practice dealing with knife wielding attackers. This is further compounded by how many common knife defenses are incredibly ineffective anyway. Attempting to strike a knife wielder with full power opens your body and your attacking limb to damage which can be catastrophic with a knife.

A single well-trained knife fighter can do an amazing amount of damage to even a mob of unarmed enemies. The human body is after all made of flesh and bone, which knives are specifically designed to cut. Additionally, the body tends to break down when muscles, tendons, and nerves are severed.

Are There Techniques To Help Me Defend Myself Against An Assailant With A Knife?

There are, however, methods of fighting against a knife wielder that will tilt some elements of the fight in your favor, but most of the stuff in movies is pure fiction. We have proven this, many times over in our seminars where knife movement is based on irrational knife wielding maniac training drills. Even using a knife in these scenarios is not much of an advantage, as the maniac still tends to get in just as much or even more damage as a trained, stylized and methodical knife fighter. A good experiment is to use large red magic markers in place of practice knives and long sleeved white shirts. Try it in all sorts of places such as elevators, inside vehicles or in a stairwell. The red ink shows the potential for serious damage such a scenario offers.

What Is A Realistic Strategy In A Knife Fight?

First and foremost, one must train for a very short fight. Fighters should explode with an onslaught of strikes and kicks from every necessary direction. This is because there can and often will be more than one attacker, with robberies only being one common scenario. Your defenses must be exceptionally powerful and exceptionally fast, directed at the prime targets, specifically the eyes and the throat. You have to knife what needs to be done and is appropriate. Counter attacks should take less than two seconds. Movement in such a way that you are unavailable but unavoidable is essential, and grappling or tying up with your attacker is a bad idea. If an attacker is hiding a knife, you likely won't see it until you are stabbed and attempting to grab a slick bloodied arm moving at full speed or even an intricate knife disarming technique that will likely fail and only bring your organs closer to the blade. As soon as the knife appears, potentially even already in your flesh, the defense methods change quickly because what had been effective against an unarmed attacker is now completely ineffective against a knife wielder.

In the less common case where an attacker brandishes a knife and an escape is impossible, defense must be accomplished in a way that one does not get too close to the knife. Taking a standing position, low, rapid fire kicks (ideally with the increasingly common steel toed shoes) that gain speed, balance and power from bouncing over the ground polymetrically every time it lands a blow rather than an over committed kick that opens the body up, while also circling the hands in a downward facing dog-dig style to ward off knife strikes that do manage to get through. The differences here are clear; attacks on the knife would likely be against your boots and your lower legs rather than the face and the vital organs attempting to use your hands to do as much.

If there are any objects that are handy available, use them to keep the knife at bay or for cover whenever possible. A chair is a good example of this thinking; I actually used one in a knife fight trying to stop two determined knife fighters inside a kitchen.

Should you fall down or be thrown to the ground, or you can't run or have no room to run, a specialized ground fighting methodology is a much safer way to handle things. Grappling MMA style is a bad idea as it presents your face and major organs to the blade, as well as possibly beatings from any accomplices. Instead, learn to spin, roll, elude and kick harshly from any position on the ground while keeping your head a safe distance from the attacker's legs until you've done enough damage to allow you to get up without being harmed and then leave the area. The mentality of evading, penetrating and destroying one's opponents, used in Guided Chaos for example, is radically different from the ground and pound, control and submit methodology that is extremely popular.

Sad to say, if you are attacked in a close-range situation without warning, you will almost assuredly need to fight from a deficit position. It is not uncommon to bleeding with severe injuries before you get the chance to mount a defense and you will not be able to move your arms and hands in a way that will move along with the blade while injured.

Don't forget how slippery blood can be either. These fights are called a Blood Dance for obvious reasons. One cannot just block and move in on a determined, fast knife fighter and attempt a disarming attack or ignore the blade. Human bodies can't trade blows with a knife.

Learn to kick in a combination jackhammer and machine gun style while using your arms to protect your eyes, abdomen, chest and throat. Practice fast kicking while maintaining your balance on indoor and outdoor terrain surfaces. Modified Native American Ground Fighting techniques are very effective against armed single and multiple attackers.


The tactics described in this article are provided for training and informational purposes only.
Hopefully you will never have to use the fastest opening knife for self-defense purposes, but in the event that you do, you can use some of the tactics described above. Remember, being prepared is always an important factor to keeping you and your loved ones safe.

 The World's Fastest Opening Knife doesn't use springs or gravity requires only one hand to open.





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